About the Shop

Entering the doors of SOH, you’ll find two beautiful displays showcasing our high-end jewelry and SOH merch. We now carry a selection of custom SOH embroidered sweaters, hats, and duffle bags to stow your gear! Deeper into the studio, our tattoo artists and piercers are busy providing the highest level of service, including sterilization practices, customer care, and safety measures.

Our Customers are Our Family

Why do people gravitate toward certain coffee shops and cafes? It’s that sense of comfort and familiarity. To walk through the doors and be welcomed with your ‘usual’ is a great feeling. Well, we want SOH to be your familiar place when it comes to tattoos and piercings. A place where you can stop by and be greeted with genuine excitement. We love seeing our regulars just as much as they love seeing us, because we’re family.

Quality Over Quantity

Our philosophy is reflected in the simplicity and cleanliness of our shop. Tattoos and piercings are what we do best – it’s that simple. With limited artist stations, we create a more intimate and personalized experience for each guest. And with an uncluttered merchandise display, we can focus on our jewelry knowledge and increase our customer interactions.