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When you conjure an image of a tattoo shop, do you envision a rough-around-the-edges place that’s nearly indistinguishable from a biker bar? Do you anticipate a metalcore soundtrack that falls somewhere between Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan? Do you expect a needle on a record to come to a screeching halt from the moment you step in, with all eyes on you, wondering what the heck you want?


This is unfortunately how many people feel about tattoo establishments. Movies and media may be to blame, but some of the shopfronts along Granville, Gastown, Pender, East Hastings, and Main Street (etc.) certainly don’t help the misconception. Perception is unfortunately a reality, and the reality is that far too many have put off getting a tattoo because they simply don’t feel comfortable walking into a shop. This is especially true if you are uncertain about what you want, or have questions about the process in general. You feel as if your concerns or indecisions will be met with abhorrence and loathing. In some instances, this is absolutely true, as shop reception and consulting tattooists convey annoyance at any sign of tentativeness. In fact, this is the root of unwanted tattoos, as clients are afraid to ask the right questions, or request adjustments to artist renderings.


Everything above, is responsible for the genesis of Sleight of Hand Tattoo. The Vancouver public deserves to have a welcoming place to go for a work of body art. A place that exudes hospitality before the door swings open. This is why we have designed our boutique space to stand out from the rest. We have integrated organic colors and have placed lush green flora throughout the spacious establishment to enhance breathability and aesthetics alike. Our body jewelry and branded merchandise is displayed in a manner than invites casual pressure-free browsing, and our tattoo and piercing stations are as comforting as they are clean. But alas, it’s the service and talent that shines brightest. We have taken the time to curate artists from around the world, blending cultures with distinctive specialities so that you connect with a tattooist best suited to your wants and needs. Yet for all of the surface distinctiveness, it’s the subtleties that really make the difference. A smile, a wink, and genuine inquiry into how your day is going, and all of the indescribable nuances are what make Sleight of Hand (SOH) special in the eyes of our cherished clients. Our intent, is to forever redefine what the tattoo experience can be like. Or at least in our treasured home of Vancouver BC.


Look, we know that surly tattoo parlors have their place. Admittedly, there is even an endearing quality to shops that require one to pay their dues in blood, sweat, and ink before joining the tribe. Stepping into these for your first or second tattoo is akin to showing up at a locals-only skatepark or surf spot with a scooter or soft-top. But for you, someone who wants body art to convey a passion, to honor a relationship, or for the simple aesthetic beauty, you need a place to go where staff and artists are as welcoming as they are talented. Of course, all of this is hearsay for those who have yet to experience the SOH difference. We encourage you to put our words to the test, and contact us for your very first consultation. Give us a ring or send us an email at your convenience. We are honored to have the opportunity to count you among our growing family.


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