At press, Sleight of Hand (SOH) Tattoo is about to celebrate the birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins who was born over a century ago on January 14 in 1911. We’re fairly certain that every of-age person is familiar with his work, even if they don’t know the name behind some of his iconic designs. Among the most recognizable is the ukulele-playing hula-girl that is labelled on bottles of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, although he’s responsible for hundreds of other designs found in the flash-books and portfolios of tattoo parlors around the planet. Collins is without a doubt the Godfather of the American Traditional style of tattooing (aka Old School).  Whether you’re getting your very first piece or adding to a collection of body art, you will never regret getting an Old School tattoo that is done in the same vein of Sailor Jerry. So where should you get an American Traditional Tattoo in Vancouver BC? You’ve already where you’re supposed to be. Book your consultation today by calling SOH at 604-336-9177, or read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Sleight of Hand for Your Upcoming American Traditional Tattoo in Greater Vancouver BC


Tattoo Artists Who Specialize in American Traditional

If you want a proper American Traditional tattoo then you must find a local parlor that has hired one or more artist who specializes in the style. SOH in downtown Vancouver has done exactly that. For example, our Blackwork specialist does amazing Old School work in black and grey, while we also have the crew to handle bold color work as well. Moreover, our traditional tattooists can merge the style with varying designs and concepts, such as this American Traditional take on the ocean’s greatest predator:

American Traditional Tattoo Vancouver BC - Shark


The American Traditional piece below that was also completed at our downtown Vancouver tattoo shop, It’s idyllic for fans of nautical work, which is common to the genre.


American Traditional Tattoo Vancouver BC


Other popular concepts done in the style include snakes, skulls, daggers, mermaids, roses, birds, and anchors in addition to military themes that were prevalent at the time the style was “invented”. That being said, a talented artist can make any desired design work with the style of tattooing.


Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins created and perfected the American Traditional style, and we’re honored to help usher his legacy into generations to come. Become a part of the culture by getting your old school tattoo today.

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