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Tooth gems have moved from trend status to being a staple in the realm of body art and modification. We have been decorating our skin with tattoos and piercings for centuries, so it only makes sense to make our teeth a part of the evolution. Next to the eyes, one’s smile is a notable gateway to the soul. After seeing some amazing examples of tooth jewelry you’re ready to try it out for yourself. However, as someone who does their due diligence when it comes to any body modification or accessory, even if not a permanent adornment, you can help but ask – are tooth gems safe? Yes, they are, but only if you follow the set of rules laid out below. Let’s review.

How to Make Sure Your Tooth Gems Become a Safe and Aesthetically Pleasing Part of Your Body Art

Take Care of Your Teeth Before Booking Your Tooth Gem Placement

If you pride yourself in your oral hygiene regime then your teeth are more than likely ready for tooth gem application. However, if you’re guilty of missing dental appointments and not flossing and brushing as often as you should, begin doing so immediately and give yourself about a month of steadfast personal dental care before coming in for an appointment. During this time, we also recommend a checkup with your dentist to address any issues that impact the front surface of your teeth (where the gems are affixed to). No amount of at-home brushing can remove excessive plaque buildup and compromised enamel. Once you’ve completed your checkup and dealt with any issues that may compromise your enamel, you’re good to go!

Choose Lead-Free Tooth Jewelry

A number of tooth gems on the market may have lead in the crystals. This is not good for your health. Only consider tooth gem services that use lead-free Swarovski crystals (yes, that Swarovski) which is what we use at Sleight of Hand in Vancouver BC.

Never, Ever, Do-it-Yourself

You do your oral and overall health a serious disservice if you attempt to use do-it-yourself tooth gem application kits for use at home. For those who do, tooth gems are not safe. This is because not only may the gems be manufactured using lead or other harmful components, they may use superglue or nail glue to affix them to the tooth. Not good. Moreover, the average home (yours included) has an estimated 2,000 different species of fungus and 7,000 species of bacteria hovering around. This is on top of the bacteria that may exist on your fingers. Simply put, the home is not the clean, sanitized, and regulated environment required for safe tooth gem application. View more on why you cannot do tooth gems at home and then schedule your appointment with a professional.

Are tooth gems safe? Yes, when done by a professional who is trained and experienced in the craft. If located within or visiting the Greater Vancouver BC area, schedule you appointment with confidence and peace of mind.


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