You’re ready to get your first tattoo. You’ve even picked you design and have your sights set on a tattoo shop near you. All that it now comes down to is timing, which has you wondering if there is a best time of the year to get a tattoo, or if it makes any difference at all. Depending upon your lifestyle, it definitely can. Let’s review.

3 Things to Consider When Deciding on the Best Time of the Year to Get a Tattoo, for YOU

Are You a Winter or Summer (Activity) Person?

This is a general question we suppose, but it’s important to consider how active you are during certain times of the year.


“Summer people” for example, are typically at the beach and participating in daily activities such as swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, and lounging around on a towel. In other words, they are exposed to a number of elements that can compromise the healing of a new tattoo. Endless beach days prior to getting inked is also an issue, as getting a tattoo on suntanned skin can be problematic. Simply put, summer (or late spring) lovers should probably wait until autumn to get a tattoo.


“Winter people” on the other hand, face another set of circumstances, although they are less of concern than summer activity folks. If you head up to Cypress, Grouse Mountain, or Whistler on every single weekend, skiing or snowboarding down a hill in heavy sweaty gear can be bothersome to a fresh tattoo. If you’re not willing to sideline such winter activities for about three weeks, you’re better off waiting until the snowmelt.

Is There a Time of the Year When You’re More Flu$h?

Do you get a fat bonus check from your place of work at a certain time of the fiscal annum? Does grandma jam a crisp set of Benjamin Franklins (or should we say Robert Bordens) in your birthday card? Or is the Holiday season when you get your annual windfall from the family? If there is a point in the year that your wallet typically gets heavier, than this is an ideal time to get your tattoo. People far too often resign to getting a tattoo that they are not truly excited about (perhaps smaller than they wanted) when working with limited budget. You should always be pumped to receive a work of body art, so working your first into a month that your bank account looks better than usual makes for a great time of the year to get a tattoo.

Annual Travel Plans? 

Spring break, the Holiday season, or summer. These are common times for people to take two-weeks off to head for their favorite (or somewhere new) vacation destination. While you can get a tattoo around your vacation time (by following these helpful tips) it can make travel more challenging, and without lots of care can impact a healing tattoo. Your vacation should be a time where your mind is at peace, so plan your tattoo around a time of the year where you’re likely to stay relatively put for at least two months. In the end, doing so will be better for your new tattoo.


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