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Is Black Friday your favorite day of the year? Then you may be a shopaholic. Fret not, as there is no intervention or 12-step program needed. Instead, you can embrace your passion for fashion and whatever else fills your shopping bag and heart with joy. How? By getting a tattoo. Below are some ideas that will convey your enthusiasm for hitting the mall to hunt.


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Black Friday Inspired Tattoo Ideas for Those Who Have a Serious Passion for Shopping

Wear The Admission on Your Sleeve

You’ve confessed. You’re a self-professed shopaholic. Why hide it? Own it and get the portmanteau tattooed, either for you (hidden) or for all to see. Choose your favorite font and think carefully about where on your body you want to place it. Need some help on the latter? The very same parts of the body that are perfect for tattooing quotes will work just fine for your single word admission.

Iconic Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are your vessel and are therefore visual representations of your passion. Consider branded bags for greater effect, choosing retailers that you have spent a hefty amount of your disposable income in. Recognizable and downright iconic shopping bags include the blue cyan Tiffany & Co. bag, Bloomingdale’s size identified “Brown Bag”, or other emblemed paper carriers from the world’s most revered retailers and fashion houses.

Your Favorite Tote

Before you can hang those shopping bags from your clutch and forearm, you need to dig into another pouch to access the funds to do so – your handbag. As any serious shopaholic knows, the perfect tote is an extension of one’s style personality. Subsequently it makes for an excellent tattoo idea. Critics may balk, but what do they know?


“I want someone to look at me the way I look at a Chanel bag.” (Uncredited Fashionista)

“It’s not a bag. It’s a Birkin” (Sex & The City)

Your Favorite Quote About Shopping

The quotes used in the closing argument in favor or tattooing your dream tote inspire this next idea. Choose from a long list of quotes about shopping that you can find via a simple Google search. Be sure to reference our guide for where to tattoo a quote, which considers how much “canvas” you require for lettering size and more.


Whether you find this article in time for Black Friday or any other day of the year, we hope it inspired you to get the tattoo you’ve always wanted. If you live in or are visiting the BC Lower Mainland, schedule an appointment at our boutique tattoo studio in downtown Vancouver today. And again, follow SOH Tattoo on Instagram for any and all updates on deals and specials for body piercing jewelry and tattoo-inspired clothing brands.

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