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We cover all sorts of tattoo concepts here on the blog for our downtown Vancouver tattoo studio, which has us going into some pretty specific categories. This occurs as the local public has become more “advanced” when doing their homework for the type of body art that they want. In the past, someone may have searched for a design subject separately, and a style (which is different) separately. Tattoo shops generally love this as it allows them to best match a client to a tattooist.

One such example is for a “blackwork dog tattoo” which encompasses both sides of the spectrum (style and subject). Given that you’re reading this it seems that you’re among them, which benefits you because you have found the one local tattoo studio that has taken the time to create a page specifically for YOU and the exact tattoo you want. Simply schedule your FREE consultation right here, or read ahead first to learn more about why Sleight of Hand is the only shop to choose for this tattoo.

Why SOH in Vancouver is Your Best Option for Getting a Blackwork Dog Tattoo

Appreciation for the Motivation of a Dog Tattoo

You want a dog tattoo for one of two reasons. The most common, is to honor or memorialize your best friend (and they are the best). Our pup-loving tattooists (more on this below) are sensitive to the importance and will work with great care to ensure that the blackwork representation of your dog meets and exceeds expectations. It won’t be applied from transfer paper to skin until you’ve given the double-thumbs-up! The other reason is symbolism. Throughout history, canines have been portrayed in art, literature, and folklore, symbolizing admirable qualities such as loyalty, bravery, and unconditional love, and protection. Whatever your motivation may be, our tattooists will produce a work that protects the integrity of the entire concept.

Blackwork Expertise

You want a blackwork dog tattoo which means that you need a blackwork expert. Sleight of Hand (SOH) has employed one of Vancouver BC’s leading blackwork specialists – Erik (yes, just Erik). The featured image above is an idyllic representation of the concept you desire, but we encourage you to view more from his portfolio here.

We Dig Doing Dog Tattoos

We’re dog lovers. What kind of psychos aren’t? That being said, we’re the only Vancouver tattoo shop that we know of to provide a guide for Where to Get a Dog Tattoo, much less the even more specific article that you’re reading right now. This provides the peace of mind needed to book your consultation today. Reach out via the preferred contact below to get started.

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