Sure, but you could also jam a needle through your face after watching David Blaine do it. It doesn’t mean that you should. In case the sarcasm wasn’t clear, please allow us to answer your question directly – can you do tooth gems at home? Yes, but you shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Why You Should Never Use Do-It-Yourself Tooth Gem Kits at Home on Your Own

It Can Significantly Harm Your Dental and Overall Health

Dental and oral health is a critical component of overall health and wellness. Poor oral hygiene can lead not only to dental cavities and gum disease, it is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other conditions. This must be considered before you attempt to apply your own tooth gems.

Without preventative protocols in place, tooth gems can potentially trap plaque, food particles, and harmful bacteria. Do you trust your friend or mirror to pick up on the existence of these hazards in the instant prior to DIY tooth gem application? An expert (in a studio/clinic chair with proper lighting) will be able to identify issues better than you can at home, and ensure that the jewelry is affixed to your tooth (or teeth) without anything coming between them.

Furthermore, your home is loaded with bacteria and other biological agents that can compromise your oral cavity upon DIY application of tooth gems. Research shows that the average household has more than 2,000 different species of fungus and 7,000 species of bacteria. Even after you’ve sanitized your hands there are thousands of predators ready to infiltrate the space between your skin, tooth gem, and enamel. Leave the application of tooth gems to a specialized studio that maintains a government regulated, clean, and sanitized environment, complete with staff who are dedicated to protecting client health and wellness.

Lastly, the quality of tooth jewelry kits and adhesives that are purchased on Amazon or elsewhere rarely compare to that provided by studio that offers the specialized service. Kits that use super glue or nail glue are outright dangerous to your health, as are those that use gems that are made of poor quality materials, many of which contain lead. Sleight of Hand on the other hand, uses only lead-free Swarovski crystals that are designed specifically for dental adornment, as long as they are applied by a professional.

Risk of Poor Placement

Have you ever tried to cut your hair on your own? While you may have figured it out after a dozen attempts, the learning process would have left you with uneven lines, bald spots, and maybe a few abrasions. The good news, is that these mistakes are soon corrected in about a week after hair grows back. You don’t enjoy this luxury when you attempt to do tooth gems at home on your own. If you position the jewelry incorrectly, you’re stuck – literally! Instead, let a professional manage placement and application to ensure that you get the sparkling, shimmering, and balanced smile that you desire.

Can you do tooth gems at home? Don’t even think about it. If located (or visiting) the Greater Vancouver area, schedule your appointment at Sleight of Hand in downtown Vancouver today. Learn more about our service here.


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