Christmas Tattoo Ideas

Add the finishing touch to your love of the Holidays

The Holiday season is here. You’ve decorated your home, fastened the red nose and antlers to your car, and have already started rocking Christmas sweaters in public. However, something is missing. You don’t feel as if your deep seeded Holiday season spirit is shinning through enough for all to see. We know what’s absent – a tattoo! What better way to convey your passion for the Holidays than permanent ink? On board? Awesome. And don’t worry, as it can be done without being tacky. After all, you can’t tuck a tattoo away in boxes with your cheesy Christmas sweaters. Let’s have a look at some cool and classy tattoo ideas that will allow your love of the season shine bright.

3 Tattoo Themes That Are Perfect for Those Who Absolutely Adore the Holiday Season

‘O Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is actually a popular tattoo idea. It can be done in blackwork as a silhouette, or done by an artist who loves working with realism in vibrant colors. It is most commonly done as a small tattoo, but feel free to go as big as you like. It can also be worked into a magical winter scene, so that it doesn’t stand alone.

The 3 Ghosts of Christmas

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a Holiday season classic that is full of valuable lessons that we can all apply to the social, familial, and professional relationships we have in this world. Of course, these lessons are delivered via Dickens’ ominous yet well-intentioned characters – the three ghosts of Christmas. There is a meaningful tattoo theme to be found with this trio. It serves as a reminder to celebrate the good (and not dwell on the bad) from your past, while encouraging you to live in the “now”, while at the same time asking you to be mindful of how every decision you make today will reverberate into tomorrow. Deep stuff, which is why it’s a great tattoo idea. 

You can go with a realism take on the concept, plucking their images from the original body of work as found on Wikipedia:

Another alternative, is to work the three Christmas specters into the theatrical Sock and Buskin (aka Comedy and Tragedy) masks by adding a third and altering the expressions as you desire.

Something Minty

The flavor of peppermint is in the air at this time of year. While your friends and family won’t stop talking about pumpkin spiced lattes, you’re more ravenous about peppermint mochas. Get it tattooed in one of Starbuck’s iconic red cups. Not too practical for your tastes? Then how about a bright red and white candy cane? The tattoo works with a twist of red-berried holly tied to it, but you can look through examples of candy cane tattoos here. A new age or cartoon style for a candy cane would work great, as would colorful realism via an artist who has a penchant for making things merry and bright!

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