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Are you proud of your hometown? Or is there another destination that means a lot to you, perhaps even more than the area code that birthed you? Whatever the case may be, it’s motivating you to get a city tattoo that will honor your affinity for the location. However, you’re stuck for concept and design ideas which has brought you here. Below is a breakdown of surefire concepts for city tattoos that are also instantly recognizable (by most) so that it truly shows the pride you have in your hometown or other locale that holds a special place in your heart.

5 Recognizable Tattoo Concepts to Honor a Hometown or Other City That’s Important to You

City Coat of Arms

Every incorporated city and town in Canada (and USA) has a coat of arms. It’s generally found in front of its city hall, but you can also discover it via a simple online search of the town or city’s municipality website. A coat of arms looks particularly cool on the outer shoulder or on the chest.

City Sports Team

Whether a big city or small town, there is a sports team that is celebrated (and sometimes chastised) by residents. This team’s logo is an excellent tattoo concept to consider if you’er a loyal fan. And don’t worry if they suck and leave you frustrated more often than not. Remember, it took the Boston Red Sox 86 years to win the World Series and they have one of the most loyal fanbases on the planet.


Vancouver Tattoo Ideas

If the backdrop of your favorite city takes your breath away, then you have the design idea you’ve been looking for. This concept works best (as far as recognition is concerned) for metropolises that feature unique or iconic buildings and skyscrapers, although mountains and seascapes work too, as applicable.

An Iconic Landmark That Suits Your Personality

City Tattoo Vancouver

Reimagining of the “East Van Cross” landmark in Vancouver BC

Every city or town has at least one significant landmark. Larger cities have dozens. These may include recognizable sculptures, structures, buildings, elaborate water-fountains, and more. Choose one that connects to your personality that also works well as a tattoo design. So instead of a historic building that means nothing to you, consider a more nuanced  installation. For example, Vancouver locals may consider the East Van cross landmark (a concept taken from LA’s DogTown).

A Realism Scene that Sums Up the Vibe

We’ve seen some pretty amazing mural-esque realism tattoos of city scenes. They generally feature well-known streets and communities, such as New York Time Square, the French Quarter in New Orleans, or Vancouver’s entertainment row on Granville Street, complete with the Orpheum and Vogue Theatre in the setting. Large realism city tattoos work best over large canvases, such as the thigh or across the upper back.

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