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Face tattoos have become more commonplace throughout the last decade. They are an undeniably statement-making way to convey one’s personality, and may even reflect dedication to one’s culture (Polynesian, First Nations, Nordic, etc.). You yourself have been wanting one for quite some time, but have procrastinated because you don’t want it to come off as barbaric or biker-esque (which are not slights, btw). This is why you’re online and searching for information on where to get a classy face tattoo. You want yours to be delicate, elegant, chic, and indescribably unique. You’ve come to the right place, as Sleight of Hand is where Greater Vancouver BC goes to get a work of body art for their visage. In fact, clients come from all over the province and country for our highly specialized work. Schedule your consultation today (click here to book) or read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Sleight of Hand When You Desire a Classy Face Tattoo in Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland

Fine Line Expertise

While you can get a face tattoo in any genre, those in search of “classy” generally have the intricate fine-line style of tattooing in mind. Fine line is ideal for a couple of reasons. For one, the pressure applied is generally “lighter” than other tattooing methods, which is advantageous for his sensitive area of the body. Moreover, fine line style works exquisitely with designs that align with aesthetically classy concepts, such as florals and natural/organic concepts in addition to script.

The challenge for some, is that not all tattoo shops in the city have a fine line expert on staff. The good news, is that you’re here and reading this article. Sleight of Hand has handpicked tattooists to ensure that we have an expert fine line specialist on hand at all times. Schedule your consultation with this tattooist accordingly (click here to book).

Comfortable and Welcoming Environment 

Returning to our comment about face tattoos once being considered biker-esque above, you may also be concerned about the environment of a tattoo shop that specializes in face tattoos. While there are certainly more than a few rough-and-gruff shops in the city, you’ve be pleased to know that this face tattoo shop is not one of them. We’re an upscale boutique studio that offers clients a warm and welcoming environment that treats them (you) like family. Learn more about the Sleight of Hand difference right here.

Ready to schedule your tattoo? Click the link below to schedule your consultation – we look forward to seeing your beautiful face walk through our doors!


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