You adore everything about furry, feathery, and even slippery (see below) pets and wild creatures from the animal kingdom, so much in fact that you want to get one or more tattooed. That being said, you prefer to not go the realism route, and instead want something a little more animated that captures their inherent cuteness. Our downtown Vancouver tattoo boutique has indeed done its fair share of these concepts and designs. Let’s have a look at a few highlights from our Instagram feed so that they may inspire your own cute animal tattoo to come.

Uniquely Adorable Animal Themed Concepts and Designs to Consider for Your Next Tattoo

Frisky Kitty

Kitties are always cute, but we like how this black cat maintains an aura of mystery as if it’s up to something that he/she probably shouldn’t be getting into. Sound familiar? Then this concept may be for you.


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Here’s another potential troublemaker:


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We saw someone wearing a t-shirt recently with the letters MILF spilled across the top. We assumed it meant the obvious, but the picture of a frog on it made us inspect the shirt more closely. At the bottom the acronym was unveiled to be “Man I Love Frogs” which made us chuckle and reminded us that cartoon-esque frogs always make for a great tattoo. Especially when it’s frogs doing un-froggy things, like drinking beer:


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Funny Bunny

Vancouver BC has quickly become known for its wild bunny population, as thousands have invaded they Jericho Beach area and made it their permanent home. We suppose the rumors of their amorous appetite are true. Ultimately the City of Vancouver has decided to let them be, for the simple fact that bunnies are cute as a button and are ideal for your animated animal tattoo.


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Barnyard Buddy

Playful takes on barnyard animals such as cows and pigs will always put a smile on faces.


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This Dolphin

We’re concluding this journey with a vibrant dolphin tattoo that was recently completed at out studio. We love how the color “pops” and makes this cute and slippery sea-beauty stand out on the human canvas.


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