You want a tattoo, but you’re not looking for something big, bold, dark-toned, or deeply-colorful. You’re not a fan of Old School / American Traditional or other statement making styles. You want something subtle, that would be barely noticeable from behind the semi-transparent veil of a sheer fabric dress, blouse, or other barely there article of clothing. We know exactly what you have in mind. But what do we know about delicate tattoos, you ask? Heck, it’s right there in our name – Sleight of Hand. Read below for some helpful insight into your upcoming and elegant work of body art.

Concepts and Styles to Consider When You Want a Delicate Type of Tattoo

Fine Line Style

Do Fine Line Tattoos Age Well

When most people use the words “delicate tattoos” to describe what they want, what they are envisioning are fine line tattoos:

“Fine line tattoos are as they sound. The line work is thin and the designs are often delicate and intricate in nature. They are typically black and grey, although color can also be used.” (SOH)

While the work appears to be simple (for a lack of better words) fine line tattooing is actually a highly specialized discipline that requires a delicate touch. It is not a style of tattooing that you find in every shop in Greater Vancouver BC. Since we opened our doors many years ago, Sleight of Hand has prided itself in maintaining a fine line tattoo artist on staff to deliver work for distinguishing clients such as yourself.

Watercolor Style

Delicate Tattoos Vancouver BC

If the fine line style isn’t what you have in mind, then you are probably envisioning watercolor style of tattooing. It is an equally delicate discipline that few tattoo studios can deliver on. It gets its name from the painting style, and integrates light yet colorful and vivid markings that are comprised of subtle hue gradients and techniques that create a more gradual color fade-out. As with fine line tattooing, Sleight of Hand has handpicked artists to ensure that we offer this beautiful style to clients.

Designs That Work Well as Delicate Tattoos

The above references styles of tattooing that are ideal for those who desire a delicate work of body art. But what about designs? Designs that coalesce well include the following:

If the above designs aren’t what you hand in mind, no need to worry. Our talented artists can create a delicate piece based upon any concept. Reach out via the contacts provided below to discuss your desires.

Ready to get a delicate tattoo? Schedule a consultation at Sleight of Hand in downtown Vancouver BC.

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