What is an engraved tattoo? While an extension of script tattooing, an engraved tattoo is one that gives the appearance that the text/design is etched and gouged into the skin. Think of it like you would when imagining a woodworker using a gouging tool to “carve” a design into timber. Feel free to watch this wood carving video as reference if ASMR is your kind of thing.

While any tattoo shop in Vancouver BC can do script (at least they should be able to) few are able to successfully pull-off the concept that we’re discussing here today. If you dig the aesthetic of an engraved tattoo and you’re located in the BC Lower Mainland you will want to read ahead for details on why Sleight of Hand is where to get your next piece completed.

Why Sleight of Hand is the Best Place to Get an Engraved Tattoo in the Greater Vancouver BC Area

One of the Best Script-Engraving Specialists in Vancouver

In our opinion, along with the numerous clients who have recently left reviews, our resident tattooist Myles is one of the absolute best for this particular genre. Myles’ work in lettering and script tattooing is excellent, but it is his penchant for creating the engraved look that has clients especially excited. Whether you want to get a name, quote, scripture, date, or other series of letters/characters inked with an engraved look into your skin, there is no better chair to sit in than the one located at Myles station in our downtown Vancouver studio.

Engraved Tattoo Examples to Inspire Your Own

Have a look at samples of work completed within our downtown Vancouver BC tattoo shop as reference. They will not only provide confidence that this is where you need to get your tattoo done, the images may inspire what you may desire for your upcoming piece:

Engraved Tattoo in Vancouver BC

FREE Consultation for Engraved Tattoos

Whether you have further questions to ask about this concept or you’re ready to proceed, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer FREE initial consultations. We want you to have peace of mind that Sleight of Hand is the tattoo parlor best suited to your goals, and that our resident artist/s are a great match for you.

Read to move ahead with your engraved tattoo? Reach out via the contacts provided below to schedule a FREE consultation today or at your earliest convenience.


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