You want to get a tattoo of faces (not the same as a face tattoo). It may be for a family portrait, a work of body art to honor favorite characters, or to memorialize a pair/group of individuals who were important to you. Whatever the case may be, you can’t help but proceed with caution because faces are among the most challenging of designs. When the tattoo doesn’t fully capture the nuances, expressions, and characteristics of a face the whole thing falls apart. To assist with your considerations we have put together a practical guide for how to make your final decisions regarding placement of a faces tattoo and where (near you) in the city to get it done. Let’s have a look!

What to Consider When it Comes to Placement and Choice of Studio for Your Upcoming Faces Tattoo

Faces Tattoo Placement 

Placement depends upon how you want to present the faces. For instance, if you want them “stacked” in a vertical or diagonal manner, the forearm is a great place to get it done. This comedy & tragedy theater mask piece by Sleight of Hand (SOH) tattooist Erik (view portfolio) is an ideal example:

Faces Tattoo

SOH creations (above and below)

Here’s another example of the work done on the forearm.

Faces Tattoo

The back of the calf on the lower leg is also great space that will allow you to showcase the work of art during short / skirt weather.

If you instead desire to place faces side by side, such as you may do for a family or a best friend tattoo, then you may consider the upper back or chest which offers ample space for the face to face (to face?) artistic rendering. Having more canvas to work with allows for more creative freedom for the faces tattoo. For example, in the images below (left) you can substitute faces of your preferred people or characters where the skulls are, and work an elaborate design around them. Or, perhaps you want one large face tattooed instead. If so, consider the upper thigh, which as the image below (right) shows, allows for lots of inventive freedom (work done by Eduardo).

Faces Tattoo

More SOH creations

Choosing a Tattoo Studio

Everything above is moot if you don’t choose a studio that isn’t capable of doing a faces tattoo that captures what you want. If located within or are visiting the Greater Vancouver area, find peace of mind that SOH Tattoo has handpicked staff to do realism, animated, abstract, and other styles that work with the concept. Schedule a consultation via the contact points provided below.

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