Getting a Foot Tattoo in the Winter

At press, winter is on the way. For the most part the season does little to impact your ambition to get a new tattoo. That said, there is one part of the body that you want to get inked, but are concerned about as flip-flop weather has faded away with balmy summer days – your feet. A foot tattoo can be more susceptible to fading without added care, but by no means to you have to forgo your plans to enhance your tippy toes. Here’s what you need to know.

Four Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Foot Tattoo in the Wintertime

Book Your Appointment Around Your Days Off

If you have any pull at your place of work, schedule a couple of days off for after the day of getting the tattoo. If you have a few vacation days left, use them. This way, you can kick back with your feet up on the sofa and enjoy a warm beverage while streaming your favorite seasonal flicks on the tube. Your new tattoo will enjoy the opportunity to rest and heal without having to pound the cold pavement.

Wear Loose-Fitting Socks and Shoes

Eventually you will have to lace up and head outdoors. In the first week, and especially when wearing the protective wrap (3-4 days after getting inked) be sure to wear loose fitting socks. Don’t pull them up tightly around your calves. Instead, tug them on gently. Avoid wearing shoes or boots that you have to force on. Opt for laced shoes/boots that offer your toes adequate breathing room. Collectively this will mitigate tense friction against your new tattoo and ensure that it has the opportunity to properly heal.

Make Ongoing Aftercare a Top PriorityGetting a Foot Tattoo in the Winter Vancouver

Follow your artist’s prescribed post-tattoo regime to the tee, and pay close attention to skincare for your tattooed foot. This also includes the consumption of nutrients that are conducive to healthy skin. View more about aftercare to keep a tattoo from fading.

Don’t Go Snowboarding/Skiing/Skating Quite Yet

We know it’s snowboarding, skiing, and ice-skating season in Vancouver, and subsequently the local hills, rinks, and lodges are calling your name. Be patient. You can certainly enjoy the apres-ski scene with friends by a cozy fire, but don’t put on those snowboard or ski boots, or tightly laced ice-skates quite yet. For most foot tattoos, the waiting period for activity will be about one-month. Regardless, let your tattooist know when you are thinking about heading out for these winter activities, and schedule your follow-up appointment with them. Once they give you the thumbs-up you can join your gang on the slopes.

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