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Your mother and/or grandmother may be shocked to hear that you’re considering a tattoo in the months or weeks leading up to your wedding, but it has become an increasing popular thing to do. For thousands of years in a number of cultures (in India, Middle East, and Africa) brides have been receiving henna tattoos for their weddings, so committing to a permanent design on the day you’re committing to your partner isn’t so far fetched at all. That said, you have concerns. There’s nary a thing that you don’t twice about as the special day approaches, so why would a tattoo be any different? While we agree that a pre-wedding tattoo can be an amazing tie-in to a milestone year, we do encourage you to consider the following before booking your consultation.

4 Things to Consider Prior to Getting a Tattoo Before Your Wedding Day

Coverups and Touchups Are Pre-Wedding Popular

One of the most common pre-wedding tattoos that we see are not entirely new tattoos at all. Brides have been coming into studios for decades for coverups and touchups on tattoos that will be visible/exposed by their dresses. This is a really great idea, especially if an existing tattoo has impacted your decision in choosing wedding day attire. Freshly updated ink will help you beam with even greater pride and on your special day.

A Few Ideas to Tie Into Wedding Day

For a new pre-wedding tattoo, you want to ensure that the work is classy. Can tattoos be classy? They absolutely can be! It’s like with bridesmaid dresses – you just need to give design concepts some careful consideration. Why not consider ideas that tie into your new romantic union, such as interconnected wedding rings, or tattooed versions in place of wedding rings? You can also tattoo a quote that speaks to the connection between you and your beloved. Other popular pre-wedding tattoo concepts to permanently mark the life-changing occasion include your wedding dress, your wedding cake topper, or even an inked replica of your wedding invitation (assuming you know what these will look like far enough ahead of time).

Timing is Important

There’s a thing with tattoos. They really “pop” and look amazing right away, but then there is a period of healing and subsequent scabbing that impacts the early aesthetic integrity. Once the scabbing is done, the design may appear cloudy while your skin and ink settles. This will last about two or three weeks for standard tattoos. After that period (the first month, essentially) your tattoo will appear vibrant and fully healed, even though there is a period of latent healing for another 5 months or so. This is why you need to time your tattoo carefully if you plan on getting it close to your wedding day.  If you want your tattoo to look as good as the day you got it without the “blur” of initial healing, get the tattoo one month prior to the “Save the Date” stamp on your invitations. Of course, by following the aftercare regime to the tee you will still enjoy a vibrant tattoo on your wedding day, even if it will be months after getting tattooed.

A Studio Suitable for a Bride

You find yourself within illustrious walls and halls as you consider upscale venues for your rehearsal, wedding day, and reception. You also choose luxurious boutique shops when looking for dresses, tuxedos, cakes, and catering options. At this point you’ve become accustomed to a certain sense of opulence, as you should in preparation for this special moment in your life. So the last thing you want to do is end up in some dingy tattoo shop in the city when the time comes for your pre-wedding tattoo. Until recently, there was nowhere to turn in Vancouver, but that changed when Sleight of Hand (SOH) opened its upscale yet non-pretentious boutique studio in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The studio is welcoming for anyone with wedding day jitters. View more on what sets our exclusive studio apart from the rest.


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