How to Avoid Tattoo Regret

While modern times have afforded the public access to very effective forms of laser tattoo removal, why take on the effort and expense if you don’t have to? What if you could avoid tattoo regret altogether? The latter is certainly a preferred alternative. We know that you may think that such a thing is easier said than done, but by following the steps we’ve laid out below (with links to learn more) you’ll be free of potential remorse. Let’s review!

5 Important Choices to Make to Avoid Feeling Regret Over Your Next Tattoo

Choose a Style That is Right for You

Tattoo style is different from design. The latter relates to the subject that the tattoo will be of while the former references the general look of the tattoo. Please reference this guide for How to Choose the Right Tattoo Style.

Choose a Subject That You Won’t Grow Tired Of

Select a subject (which becomes the design) that there is zero chance of you regretting. The subject could be family-based (as long as not in-laws) or based on a deep-seated passion that has been with you since you were small. Ensure that the subject is not based on something that is trending, as trends by nature are fleeting and often lead to regret.

Choose Placement That Won’t Complicate Life

In speaking with tattoo removal experts, we have come to find that a number of clients often don’t want to get rid of a tattoo but have to because of the placement. For instance, a neck or hand tattoo received during your college years may prevent you from getting a job in a certain field, or from getting clients as a freelance consultant. Consider how visibility may or may not get in your way when deciding upon placement. Thankfully we live in a time where visible tattoos are far more “acceptable” (whatever than means) than in the past, but there are still some decision makers who are indeed stuck in the past.

Choose Placement That Won’t Alter with Time

There are certain parts of the body that can change dramatically through the years. A woman’s abdomen, lower back, thighs, and breasts can change very significantly after childbirth which can render a once sharp tattoo a sloppy shadow of its former self. The same can be said of placement in the same regions for other forms of weight gain or loss in men and women alike. Consider how your body may change in the near and far future when planning for placement.

Choose the Right Studio and Tattooist

Lastly, find peace of mind that you’ve done your due diligence when selecting which tattoo studio and tattooist will do the work. Please reference our guide for How to Choose a Tattoo Studio and the article on How to Choose a Tattoo Artist.


How to avoid tattoo regret? It all begins with a thoughtful consultation with a professional tattooist. If located in or visiting the Greater Vancouver BC area be sure to schedule a consultation at SOH Tattoo today.

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