How to Book a Tattoo Appointment in Vancouver BC


You’ve decided to get a tattoo, but are now wondering if there is anything you need to know before booking your initial appointment. Is it as simple as calling, emailing, or completing a contact form? Or are there other things to consider? Yes, and no, and yes. Confused?Allow us to clear it all up below.

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Booking an Appointment with a Local Tattoo Studio

I. Do You Know What You Want?

While you don’t have to know exactly what sort of design, concept, or theme to get tattooed, it helps the consultation process run more smoothly if you have a general idea. Some are fairly straight forward, such as favorite sayings and quotes, while others may require online search for tattoos that relate to your passions and interests. This is honestly one of the funnest parts of the process, so set aside a Saturday evening to comb through Pinterest Boards and Google Image search until you find ideas that rev your engine. Save the images to your smartphone, as you will want to show them to the tattooist during the consultation. It doesn’t need to be an exact match, but it will give them a concept to work from.

It’s also a great idea to look through artist bios before booking your appointment. This will allow you to see the styles each artist specializes in, which may very well help you decide upon a design. That way you book an appointment with the tattooist who is right for you.

II. Do You Know Where You Want It?

Even before you choose a design (above) it’s a good idea to lock down where on your body to get the tattoo. This (the size of the canvas, essentially) will not only help your artist define what is viable for your desired concept/theme, it will allow them to provide a more accurate quote regarding hours (and therefore cost). If you’re unsure, please reference our guide about where to get a tattoo for the first time before scheduling the consultation.

Do You Need a Studio that is More Accessible?

Logically, logistics play a role in how to book a tattoo appointment. While most people are perfectly fine after getting tattooed, it is a physical procedure that can be taxing to some. You may be up for driving or cycling back home from the studio. The latter is especially true for large tattoos, or those placed on a part of the body that may make you uncomfortable when driving/cycling. You may not even have access to a vehicle or ride for your up and coming appointment. That’s why it’s important to consider a studio that is near convenient forms of transportation. In Greater Vancouver BC, that means access to a major bus route or skytrain station. And what about other conveniences? Why not tie-in a few errands or take a moment for leisure after your appointment? It certainly doesn’t hurt to choose a clinic that is a hub for shopping and dining. Beyond being the most accommodating tattoo studio around, Sleight of Hand is one of Vancouver BC’s most conveniently located shops in the city. And yes, you can book an appointment by simply walking in to do so.

Still unsure about your needs? Fret not – because you can still book your consultation and we will clear everything up for you. Schedule your visit using our easy booking form, or just give us a call at 604.336.9177.

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