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You’re tasked with picking a tattoo design for a good friend of yours. Perhaps you’re doing so as a surprise gift because they can’t afford one on their own. Maybe they already planned on getting inked but cannot decide what to get and are trusting you to come up with something special. Perhaps they require some convincing, at which point having a design locked and loaded will help get them off the proverbial fence. Whatever the case may be you’ve just taken on significant responsibility. After all, this is something that we be a part of them for life, and as such you will want to consider a few things before bringing a design to them and their tattooist. Need some help? That’s what we’re here for. Let’s review.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Tattoo for Your Friend

Know Where They Want it First

Body placement will help you narrow down a general design. If they’ve expressed interest in a large upper back tattoo then you will need to come up with something that can cover the area. This may be script (i.e. a meaningful quote, etc.) or something more dramatic such as bird spreading its wings. If they’ve indicated a desire to get a foot or wrist tattoo then that will significantly narrow the scope of design possibilities. Simply put, knowing where on the body the tattoo will go is where you need to begin.

What Are They Passionate About?

They are your friend, most likely your best friend, seeing as you’re choosing a tattoo for them. Therefore, you know what they are passionate about. This is what their tattoo design should be in reference to. If they are a serious athlete, their team logo or something that symbolizes their favorite sport makes sense. If a musician, consider their chosen instrument. If an aspiring actor, the sock & buskin (comedy and tragedy) masks are a great idea. If they have any sort of impassioned hobby or profession then that’s your inspiration for the tattoo design.

How to Choose the Right Studio

Since you’re choosing a tattoo for your friend, you subsequently take on responsibility for picking the studio as well. You want to make sure that they are in a professional and accommodating setting that puts their mind and concerns at ease. Follow this guide to choosing a tattoo studio before making your decision.

How Choose the Right Artist

Once you have a general idea of the tattoo to choose for your friend, you will want to vet local artists/tattooists to ensure that you find a good match for the style of tattoo. Every tattooist has a speciality, be it realism, architectural, neo-traditional, fine-line, blackwork, new school, and so forth. Review artist profiles to find the pro who can turn the design or theme into reality. View more on what to look for in a tattoo artist.

Get a BF Tattoo Together!

How about matching best friend tattoos? This will get your compadre especially excited about getting a tattoo and it opens up fun possibilities for designs. Consider apt symbols of your relationship, be it Yin & Yang, turtle doves, salt and pepper shakers, or even peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea.

Have you decided on the design? Is your friend located in the BC Lower Mainland? Schedule their consultation at our downtown Vancouver tattoo shop today.

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