Ready to get your first tattoo? Awesome. Next to choosing a tattoo studio near you, all that’s left to do is settle on a design, which is why you’re online and searching “how to choose a tattoo for yourself”.  To help you answer this important question, we’re tapping into specific resources that we’ve already created. These resources touch on your personalty, style and placement preferences, and even the opinions of others. Let’s review!

5 Things to Consider to Help You Choose a Tattoo for Yourself

1. Match it to Your Personality Type

Generally speaking, a tattoo should be a reflection of your personality in some shape and form, literally and/or figuratively speaking. Finding a match based upon this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. That’s why Sleight of Hand (SOH) has taken a scientific approach to the matter. We’ve used the Myers-Briggs scale of 16 personality types and identified tattoo designs that may harmonize with who you are. Click the guide below to learn more.


2. Choose a Style

Design is one thing, but it’s also important to consider the style, which varies from American Traditional and Blackwork through to Fine Line and Surrealism and beyond. Use the guide below to lock-in on your style preference which will help you choose a tattoo for yourself.


3. Consider Placement

Placement also plays an important part in choosing a tattoo for yourself. Some designs simply don’t work as well on one part of the body as another, but due to career choices or general preferences regarding visibility you may have to make concessions. Ultimately, tattoo placement does in some manner say something about who you are, so consider this when deciding upon a design as well. Click the article below for further insight.


4. Get a Loved One’s Opinion

After some serious inner-reflection (everything above) you may still find yourself somewhat stumped, or at least torn between a couple of different design concepts. At this point, it may be worth asking a loved one what they think best suits you. A close friend or family member may have some great insight.

5. Get Insight from the Tattooist

Lastly, don’t be afraid to lean into the expertise of someone who has been tattooing unique individuals (like you) for years. Communication between yourself and an artist is key so that they understand the general vision you have for your tattoo. Armed with enough information that may be able to come up with a design that will blow you away. Click the guide below to access the simple steps needed to make that happen.


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