How to Compliment a Guy Girl Tattoo

Is there a certain tattooed barista at your local coffee shop that you can’t stop thinking about? Or do you simply have an affinity for the inked and want to be prepared to create your very own “meet cute” should opportunity strike? It can be intimidating for some, given that an aura of unapproachability often accompanies a heavily tattooed bachelor or vixen.  That said, you know the answer lies with the aesthetic that attracts you to them in the first place. You want to lead-in with a compliment about their tattoo. However, that plan can backfire if it comes off like a pickup line. Fret not. We’ve got you covered with some advice on how to approach one of the inked with a flattering remark that indicates an authentic interest in the body of work, so to speak.

4 Tips to Complimenting a Tattooed Guy or Girl to Start an Engaging Conversation (maybe even romance)

Let Them Know You’re Genuinely Interested in Their Tattoo/s

We’re assuming that you’re genuinely interested in their tattoos. Given that this is so, proceed accordingly. For instance, if you’re thinking about getting new ink yourself (more on this below) ask him/her which studio/artist they received the tattoo/s from. They are proud of their body art and will be happy to respond and recommend the studio/artist that they go to. This opens the gates to further conversation.

Extra Tip: Pose the question about a specific tattoo (if they have more than one) as they may assume that a generalized statement about their entire “body of work” is little more than a pickup line.

Compliment the Tattoo Style

Designs are completed by tattooists who follow a certain style. For example, only a fine line tattoo artist can create this aesthetic that draws you to those you adore. Popular tattoo styles include (or are some combined variation of) the following:

  • Blackwork
  • Black & Grey
  • Cartoon & Anime
  • Fine Line
  • Geometric & Architecture
  • Neo-Traditional
  • Portrait
  • Realism
  • Traditional / Old School
  • Traditional Japanese
  • Tribal
  • Watercolor

In being able to recognize the look of these styles you’ll be able to confidently compliment his/her body art with specific reference to said style/s. This will more than likely leave a positive impression which will favor you the next time you see them.

Defining each of these styles is beyond the scope of this article. You can search for information on each online if you don’t mind a little homework. That said, have a look at our Vancouver tattooist portfolios (and their respective Instagram profiles) for insight into some of the most popular tattoo styles.

Relate the Tattoo’s Compliment to Your Own Passions

If one of (or the general theme of) their tattoos connects to a passion and interest of yours, you have the introduction you need.

For example, if they have a tattoo of your favorite flower, you have an immediate compliment and conversation-starter. Or, if you recognize their tattoo of a meaningful quote, let them know that you know the source “Oh wow, RW Emerson is one of my favorite poets too!”. Perhaps their tattoos convey an affinity for a certain season such as winter at which point you can drop an anecdote about there being nothing better than cozying up in a cabin on a cold winter’s day. Alternatively, their tattoos may indicate another shared passion, such as a certain sport, which once again provides a lead-in for a compliment on a subject that you’re knowledgable and passionate about.

Again, it all comes down to being genuine. The tattooed guy/girl at your local cafe can sniff out a fake right away. But conversely, they can spot the real deal too.

Get a Tattoo Too

It helps to have something in common if you want your compliment to stick. In this case, a tattoo certainly serves as common ground. Of course, you should actually want a tattoo, or it may be something that you come to regret. It’s also a little creepy to get one just to impress someone you don’t know that well (or at all).

Ultimately, if you’re deeply attracted to men/women with tattoos, then you’re probably well suited for the lifestyle too. And given that you must love yourself before you can love someone else, a tattoo for you just makes good sense. Once you’ve become a part of the tattooed, a barrier between you comes tumbling down.

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