How to Convince Someone to Get a Tattoo

“Look…we need to talk about your lack of a tattoo”


Is someone you know stuck in a rut, uninspired, and/or doesn’t know how to express themselves to the world around them? Then a tattoo may be exactly what they need. However, they may be a bit stubborn and require some convincing, no matter how well you’ve expressed heartfelt desire to have them join you as a part of the tattoo tribe. When this happens, you need to hit them with a more practical argument. Given that we’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to trepidation surrounding getting that first tattoo we can help. Follow the advice below and your friend, family member, or companion will be well on their way to wearing their heart on their sleeve.

5 Practical Ways to Get Someone You Care About to Finally Get a Tattoo

1. Get a Tattoo Together

If you’re in a committed relationship with this person then you already have the ammunition and motivation (for them) that you need. That said, siblings, kin, and even best friends or teammates can be inspired to get matching tattoos. Of course,it doesn’t have to be the same design/theme, as you can simply get separate designs together at the same time at your local studio. If you agree to get one with them they’ll be much more motivated to get it done. You’ve always wanted another tattoo anyways, so this works out perfectly.

2. Dismiss Misconceptions 

They may be unsure about getting a tattoo because they hold beliefs that their parents or grandparents may have had about body ink. It’s time to nudge them away from these antiquated beliefs and misconceptions. Share this article on when done right, tattoos are regarded as classy additions to one’s aesthetic persona. And if they are still concerned about what others may think, share this article on where to get a tattoo that is hidden from discriminating view.

3. Show Them Concepts and Themes That You Know They’ll Love

Most people are on the fence about getting a tattoo because they can’t decide what they want. Given that you know this person well enough to convince them to get a tattoo, you know them well enough to uncover concepts and themes that will translate to a cool design that they will love.

For example, do they absolutely adore the Holiday season? That’s a perfect theme to get them excited. Is there a sport that they are obsessive about? That’s another source of inspiration. The same is true of their favorite books, movies, and activities. Armed with inspiration, you can hop on Google Image search to start looking for examples of tattoos that mirror their passions. Save a few to your smartphone, and present it to them in your most convincing tone.

4. Design One for Them

Take the concept above a step further by being the one to actually design the tattoo for them. if you are a talented artist (whether old school or via a digital medium) you can take the ideas/themes that you’ve uncovered above and be the one to create the artwork. Can you imagine them refusing to get a tattoo when you went through the effort of creating their personalized masterpiece? The odds are against it, especially if they are already close to coming on board. If you have no artistic talent whatsoever, you can instead use a meaningful quote and plug it into an online font generator to come up with a perfect design.

5. Give Them the Gift of a Tattoo

Cost is something that may be keeping them from getting a tattoo. If they have a birthday coming up, splurge on them this year by getting them a gift certificate from a local boutique studio. This works even better when the Holiday season comes around as a tattoo makes for an amazing Christmas gift. Not only does covering some or all of the cost (when purchased as a gift) remove their financial disincentive, it will be impossible for them to refuse such a generous offer from you.


Let’s get your friend, family member, or companion to join the growing tribe of the tattooed. If you (and they) live in the Greater Vancouver area, schedule their consultation at our downtown Vancouver studio today.


Written By:

Marcus Yah

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