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Summer is wedding season, and if you’re among the hundreds of couples who have just concluded their nuptials in Greater Vancouver, you are looking for a great way to honor your new union. Aside from the $50K (or so) ceremony and reception, that is.

One concept that you’re considering, is a set of newlywed tattoos, but after having made a major life commitment you may be on the fence about making another, even if it’s a small one in comparison. Should you go for it? We think so, and here’s why.

Why Newlywed Tattoos Are a Great Way to Begin Your Life Together

You Can’t Lose a Tattoo

Your wedding bands signify enduring love and commitment, and you’ve pledged to never take them off. However, there are many instances where it’s simply not practical to leave them on, be it for work or fitness activities. As you slip them on and off over time, the risk of losing them grows significantly. Think we’re exaggerating? Recent data shows that approximately 25% of men lose their wedding rings. That’s one in every four husbands! Now ladies, before you point a finger, take note that you too lose them over 14% of the time. When you consider the financial and sentimental value, there is simply no acceptable level of risk.

To hedge the risk of losing the “thing” that represents your union, we encourage you to get a tattoo. You can choose from a variety of newlywed concepts, or get a ring finger tattoo, the latter of which has become a popular option for many newly minted couples.

A Great Alternative (or Add-On) to a Honeymoon

Through the summers of 2020 and 2021, newlyweds were stuck without being able to take a dream honeymoon to some far flung tropical destination. At press, you can’t even drive your wedding car with ceremonious cans in tow over to Blaine (WA) for cheap gas for a cross country road trip together. As an alternative, you can use some of that honeymoon money that you’ve set aside and get tattoos. It ironically eases the pain of not being able to embark upon the dream vacation that you’ve been dreaming about. What about when there are no travel restrictions? It’s still a great idea as an add-on to your honeymoon experience.

Whether the two of you live in the BC Lower Mainland, or you’re visiting to enjoy your post-nuptials, there is no better place to get your newlywed tattoos. Our downtown Vancouver tattoo studio is unlike any other in the city or province. Our upscale shop is thoughtfully decorated and draped in lush flora for aesthetic appeal. Our staff and artists are cordial, courteous, patient, professional, and friendly, and after your sessions you’ll feel like part of the family (not the in-laws). We even have a magnificent line of body jewelry should you want to add a little extra sparkle to complement your wedding bands. SOH Tattoo would be honored to help you celebrate this special life transition, so please do contact us at your convenience to schedule a consultation.

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