“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous” (Ingrid Bergman)

Are you dominated by thoughts and feelings of romance, passion, adventure, and idealism? Then you’re a romantic. What better way to convey this part of your personality than by sealing it with a kiss? A tattooed kiss, that is. Yes indeed, a kissing tattoo is up your alley but you are struggling to come up with a concept that translates your passion into a work of body art. Fret not, because Sleight of Hand is here for you with some interesting concepts to consider.

4 Kissing Tattoo Design Concepts for Your Consideration that Vary in Theme and Style

The Romanticism of Death

Kissing Tattoo

Images: Kissing Tattoo by Lylo (left) / The Burial of Atala via Wiki Commons (right)

“Early representations of death date from Antiquity, when the Greco-Romans represented it as a veiled virgin, or more frequently in the form of allegories. Romanticism revolutionized the representation of death and broke up with pictorial tradition by expressing it in an idealized, poetic way, and paradoxically as liberation from life.” (The Collector)

In modern times, death is looked upon as something to be feared. However, during the Romantic Era of the late 1700s and early 1800s, the concept of death was painted with a different veil. Paintings such as The Burial of Atala by French painter Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson were common (so to speak) during this period. While life was to be embraced and enjoyed to the fullest, death was considered to be a part of one’s ethereal being. It denoted a transition to where one could escape the at-times harshness of reality and embrace the eternal state of being united with nature. If you recognize this, a tattoo of a person kissing a skull (as per the image above) could be truly statement making.

A Kissing Quote

We led this article with a unique take on the kissing tattoo concept. Instead of a literal image, pick a favorite quote about kissing and get it done in a font / style of lettering that you love best. Have a look at famous and lesser known quotes about kissing right here.

Lipstick Kiss

Kissing Tattoo Vancouver

Images: Pinterest

You have likely seen this on the necks, wrists, or more discrete parts of the body of people you have come across in life. It’s a sexy and vibrant take on the kissing tattoo concept that will catch the eye of onlookers.

Faces Embraced in a Kiss

Go ahead and get literal with your kissing tattoo, especially if it’s between you and a loved one. The piece can be completed in the realism style (using a photo of you and your beloved in the act of kissing) or done in a more animated or abstract manner. While a great concept, it requires careful consideration regarding placement and choice of tattoo studio. View our guide to where to get a faces tattoo to learn more.


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