New Year Tattoo Ideas

The New Year is upon us, and this year more than ever you’ve decided to take destiny into your own hands. There’s certainly no point waiting/hoping for others to open up your world to opportunity. In this move to empower yourself you plan on getting a tattoo. What better way to prove your commitment to your resolutions for the year (and beyond) ahead? That said, you’re not totally sure about what design to get. Below are some helpful ideas that tie into common (and worthy!) new year goals.

5 Tattoo Concepts to Honor Your New Year Resolutions

I. A Symbol of Enhanced Physical Health

Fitness tops the list of many new year resolutions. While the specifics will vary and may include a dedication to building muscle, losing fat, increasing strength and cardiovascular conditioning, eating healthier, or becoming more competitive in a given sport/activity, there is a symbol that mirrors the goal. It may be a design of a barbell or some other symbol of the equipment employed (running shoes, surfboard, basketball, etc.) to help you meet your physical fitness resolutions for the annum to come.

II. A Symbol of Enhanced Mental/Emotional Health

Physical health is one thing, but without optimal mental and emotional health it will all be for naught. Many people are making the latter a top priority among new year goals after a seriously taxing 2020-21. One thing that helps uplift us during trying times is a quote that incites positive and motivational emotion. Most people have a favorite quote or two, but if you don’t, take some time to research ones that speak to your passions and challenges alike. Keep searching until you find a string of words that makes you feel that all will be right with your world. Once you have that quote locked in, get it tattooed. You will definitely not regret it! Here are some helpful tips for where on the body to tattoo a quote.

III. A Symbol of Gratitude

Another big resolution on deck for 2022 is to show more gratitude in one’s life. As any self help guru will attest to, it’s the key to all paths forward. In fact, we have already created a guide to tattoo ideas that will help you invite gratitude into your life.

IV. A Symbol of Success

You’ve got big financial and career goals on the mind for 2022. Show your commitment to building your professional stature and bank account by getting a tattoo that conveys it. If you have committed to a career path (doctor, lawyer, athlete, artist, etc.) find a symbol that represents it and get it tattooed. For example, an aspiring medical professional may consider the Caduceus symbol while an artist may get a tattoo of a painter’s palette. You get the idea.

V. A Symbol of Your Family

Many of you have pledged to spend more time with the family for the year ahead. This is an excellent theme to consider for a tattoo, and the ideas are bountiful. Examples of tattoo designs include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • Family surname
  • Family crest / coat of arms
  • Family tree
  • Family mantra (think Game of Thrones banners)
  • Family portrait (car sticker style!)

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