The new year is upon us, and as a part of your resolve to take life by the horns you plan to get a new piercing (or three) in the 365 days to come. The sooner the better, in fact. But as someone who pays attention to forward movement in fashion, you’re wondering if there are any trends for 2023 that you should be aware of before deciding upon body jewelry, and placement. Let’s have a look at four that you may draw inspiration from.

4 Trending Fashion Concepts That May Inspire Your Next Piercing in 2023

Piercing & Body Jewelry Trend #1

Bedazzled Brows

We look to the top trends in makeup for 2023 which organically carryover into piercing. One in particular applies to the brow, which is being decorated to dazzle this year:

“For a high-impact moment you can take off at the end of the night, full-on bedazzled brows are a thing too. At Peter Do’s show, models’ brows were embellished with glitter in colors like red and silver.” (Allure: 7 Biggest Makeup Trends for 2023)

Instead of simply using sparkled makeup and stick-ons to create the effect, lean into the debazzled brow concept with an eyebrow piercing if you don’t already have one. But even if you do, up your game with body jewelry for the brow from one of these brands.

Piercing & Body Jewelry Trend #2

Heavy Metal

Piercing Trends 2023 - Metal

Mystic Metals

2022 was all about dainty gold jewelry, but 2023 is doing a 180-degree turn into chunky heavy metal territory. It also goes well with oversized leather which is on the runway for the four seasons ahead. You’ll want to complement fat silver rings, chains, and bracelets with statement-making earrings, nose rings, and more.

Piercing & Body Jewelry Trend #3

Silver Metallics

Piercing Trends 2023

Invictus Body Jewelry

Dazzling metallics are big in accessories for 2023, which carries over perfectly into the body jewelry genre. Our piercing brands endemically offer options that align with this trend.

Piercing & Body Jewelry Trend #4

Neon Toned Body Jewelry

Piercing Trends 2023 - Neon

Infinite Body Jewelry

The 80s are back (did it ever go away?) once again in 2023. But beyond Stranger Things and other streaming shows, the decade will be conveyed in neon fashion accessories this year, which includes body jewelry. This is good news for those who don’t get onboard with the metallic-only aesthetic. Instead, you can choose neon tones (hot pink, etc) for body jewelry to add a pop of color to the muted or monochromatic clothing fashions that persist for 2023.


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