It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year as far as TV programming is concerned. That’s right, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is back starting July 23rd of 2023! To commemorate this annual event, Sleight of Hand is chomping down on the topic with shark tattoo ideas to honor planet Earth’s most misunderstood creature. We have pulled a few ideas from our tattooist portfolios along with a few other concepts to consider. We look forward to doing yours at our downtown Vancouver BC studio!

5 Shark Themed Tattoo Designs and Concepts to Inspire Your Upcoming Work of Body Art

The Real Jaws

We’re steering clear of a JAWS movie poster tattoo recommendation. That movie is what sparked an unreasonable fear of one of the ocean’s most amazing beings. Instead, get the equally recognizable image of a shark’s jaw bone tattooed. Although sharks are not composed of bone, and thus there is no technical jaw bone, fossilized shark jaws often look as if they are made of bone which creates the super-cool aesthetic that you see on t-shirts, and as tattoos. This fossilized shark jaw tattoo completed at our studio looks incredible.


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Shark Week Logo

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week provides a much needed counterpoint to fear-inducing Hollywood’s take on the sea creature, and they are responsible for creating a phenomenon that the whole world gets excited about each summer. Pay homage to it with a tattoo of the TV event’s logo via bold blackwork design. Take this to your tattooist for immediate application:

Shark Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

Geometric-Prism Style

This is a unique style to consider, and can accompany a series that includes other species that share the ocean with sharks (swipe through to view):


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Gummy Sharks!

This playful take on the shark tattoo concept will make everyone smile and salivate as their tastebuds recall the delightful blue raspberry flavor. The colorful candy tattoo style (often cupcakes and lollipops) is vibrant and eye-catching, and shark gummies offer a fun alternative (or addition) to the theme.

Shark Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

Traditional Style

The nautical theme is a cornerstone of the traditional style of tattooing. Within the theme are ships, mermaids, anchors, and sharks. Honor the impressive sea animal and its place in the history of tattooing in North America by getting it done in traditional style.

Shark Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC



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