You’re ready for your first tattoo and want to go all-in with a big one from the get-go. Only a large tattoo will do for the design that you have in mind. However, you’ve heard from some that it’s a good idea to start small. Should you get a big tattoo for your first round? To answer this question, we first have to pose three more to gauge your readiness. Let’s review.

3 Other Things to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Large Tattoo as Your Very First Tattoo

Can You Handle Pain/Discomfort?

Given that this is your first tattoo, you have no idea what to expect as far as pain and discomfort goes. What you do know, is that given the impending size of the ink job, the pain and discomfort you will feel will go on four hours per session. As such, you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to your threshold for pain. If you wince at the thought of going to the dentist, or getting a booster shot (ahem) then you may want to begin with a small tattoo. Alternatively, if you have done well when it comes to pain/discomfort (due to prior injuries or procedures) in the past, you may confidently proceed with booking your large tattoo appointment.

What Kind of Design to You Want?

This question carries over from your uncertainty regarding the consideration above about your pain threshold. The type of tattoo style/design will make a difference. If you want a tattoo with deep and dark tones, then your tattooist will be using a thicker needle and will apply more pressure. However, if you are a fan of the fine line style (which produces beautiful results) you’ll be able to sit through longer sessions with greater ease. A thinner needle is used, and less pressure if typically applied. Learn more about fine line for your large tattoo.

Your Budget

Tattoo work is billed by the hour. While your tattooist will provide an estimate, a large tattoo can easily run a couple of hours over (or significantly more) than estimated. You must have the bankroll to account for this. If you have trouble making ends meet, begin will a smaller tattoo until you have the funds for a larger one. Estimated hours for a small tattoo are commonly the same as the actual hours used to complete the work.

Should you get a big tattoo for your first one? If you’ve considered the other questions above and feel confident, go ahead and book your consultation. If located in the Greater Vancouver BC area, contact SOH Tattoo today to make it happen.

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