You’ve been researching tattoo styles and have heard that fine line is currently trending for modern body art. That’s great for now, but you’re concerned about whether or not the design style is ideal and sustainable (read: regret-free) for you. As a result, you’re online and searching “Should I Get a Fine Line Tattoo?”. Let’s have a look at the key considerations to help with your deliberation.

3 Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not a Fine Line Tattoo is Best Suited to You

You Have a Low Threshold for Pain

The needles used for fine line tattoos are smaller than those for traditional tattoos. Therefore, they are typically less painful for clients. If you have a low threshold for pain, this may indeed be the way to go. All in all, these tattoos are a great “entry level” style for someone who is concerned about getting their first work of body art.

Your Desired Tattoo Design

Fine line tattoos are as they sound. The line work is thin and the designs are often delicate and intricate in nature. They are typically black and grey, although color can also be used. Consider this when deciding on the type of design you desire.

Have you been thinking about getting a flower tattoo or other Mother Nature creation in black and grey? Fine line style is a perfect match. Furthermore, fine line is tailor-made for text/script tattoo, should you want to get a tattoo of your husband’s name, your kids’ names, or a meaningful quote or scripture as applicable. Fine line work is even a good fit for anyone who wants to get a face tattoo as it’s subtle and as addressed above, is less painful.

Access to Fine Line Artist/Tattooist

Fine line tattoo work is a highly-specialized discipline. Most shops don’t have a resident tattooist who specializes in the genre. You may not even find one in the city you reside within. Sure, the tattoo shop down the block may tell you that have an artist that can handle the task when asked, but if that artist doesn’t have the online portfolio to prove it, you may end up with the opposite of what you wanted. When deliberating where to go, be sure to hunt down a dedicated fine line tattoo artist to work their elaborate magic on you. It’s worth traveling to them, if need be.

If located in or visiting the BC Lower Mainland, schedule a consultation with a fine line tattoo artist at SOH Studios in downtown Vancouver.

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