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Last month, we answered the call for those who asked, “Should I get a big tattoo, for my first tattoo?”. On the other side of the coin, a number of people are pondering a smaller design for their entry into the lifestyle. Today we’re going to look at this side of the argument. Should you get a small tattoo first? Let’s find out.

4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Small Tattoo as Your Very First Tattoo

Your Anxiety Over the Potential Pain

This is the same qualifier that we used for those who were deliberating over whether or not to get a large tattoo. If through past injuries and/or procedures you have exhibited a reasonable threshold for pain, then you can be confident in getting a bigger design. But if you have a low threshold for pain, them a small tattoo is probably where you should start.

You Have the Budget for More

There are points in your life when things look up financially. You like to reward yourself during those times, especially if “boom” periods are typically followed by “busts”. As such, you may want to take advantage of your currently robust budget with a larger tattoo, and save the small design for leaner times.

It’s Right for Your Desired Design

This is as simplified (and logical) as it gets. The design you desire may simply be best conveyed via a small tattoo. To go too big, may do the concept an injustice. Need examples? A baby’s footprint (for parents) or a cat/dog paw print (for pet parents) typically work better to scale. Adherence to scale also works best for other designs, such as with butterflies, jewels, and single flowers. Small tattoos are also ideal for text (names and short quotes) and a number of fine line tattoos.

You’ve Got Something Big Coming Up

If you’ve got a big or significant event coming up, it may be best to start with a small design for your first tattoo. Smaller tattoos are typically done much quicker (of course) and come with fewer complications. As a result the discomfort and aftercare is less disruptive. So if you have a vacation, wedding, or other big event on the very near horizon, but insist on getting a tattoo – go ahead and think little.


Should you get a small tattoo for your first one? If you’ve considered the other questions above and feel confident, go ahead and book your consultation. If located in the Greater Vancouver BC area, contact SOH Tattoo today to make it happen.

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