Small Ear Tattoos Vancouver BC

A lot of people in the Greater Vancouver BC area search for tattoo shops that do ear piercings (which we do) and behind the ear tattoos (which we also do) but one type of body art that is growing in popularity are small ear tattoos. As the photo of a piece that was recently completed at Sleight of Hand (SOH) shows, an ear tattoo can be a beautiful and eye-catching addition to one’s aesthetic. That being said, it’s not the type of work that can be completed by just any tattooist of parlor. If this concept is something that you’re considering and you’re located within or are visiting the BC Lower Mainland, there is just one shop to book your appointment with. Please read ahead to learn more.

Why Choose Sleight of Hand for Small Ear Tattoos in the Greater Vancouver BC Area

Fine Line Required

As the featured work of art above confirms, a small (is there any other kind?) ear tattoo is diminutive in size but comes with large requirements when it comes to requisite expertise. Unless you want something blotchy in appearance, the tattoo artist tasked with doing the piece must have a steady hand that is trained in the work of fine line tattooing. As the label implies, thin lines are inked on to the skin, and is done with a level of pressure that is light enough to appear delicate, but adequate to ensure depth and crispness in appearance. Very few tattoo artists are able to find this kind of balance. SOH Tattoo has carefully selected specialists with an undeniable talent for fine line tattooing to ensure that a small ear tattoo delivers big on client satisfaction.

FREE Consultations for Ear Tattoos

Given the delicate nature, you probably have more questions about getting an ear tattoo. We’re here to listen (pun fully intended). We will clear up any concerns that you may have about what the experience will be like, while our friendly, patient, and accommodating staff can also assist with design and style recommendations if you’re unsure of exactly what you want. Better yet, this initial consultation is FREE. All that you need to do is initiate contact and we’ll walk you through the rest.

Small Ear Tattoos Vancouver BC

Sleight of Hand in downtown Vancouver BC is where locals and visitors come for small ear tattoos and more. Reach out via the contacts provided below to schedule your FREE consultation today.


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