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As far as popular tattoo subject matter is concerned, snakes are up there with flowers and skulls. Some look to snakes for their symbolic meanings. They can be a powerful symbol of transformation and regeneration (shedding skin, and what not). For others, snakes symbolize everything from healing, wisdom, and protection to primal energy, charm, and mischievousness. For some, they just look cool.

No matter how you look at it, snakes make for a great tattoo, which is why you have your sights set on one for your next work of body art. However, you’re seeking inspiration for how to incorporate the reptilian serpent into your tattoo. To help, Sleight of Hand Tattoo has pulled from the annals of our Instagram feed which features clients who have received snake tattoos at our downtown Vancouver studio. While you certainly don’t want a copy of someone’s own tattoo (we wouldn’t do so anyways) they may inspire your own. Let’s have a look at some cool snake tattoo ideas, designs, and concepts.

6 Snake Themed Concepts to Consider for Your Next Tattoo

Snake & Skull

Merge two of the most popular tattoo subjects together. A snake’s organic movement works well with a skull, as it slithers through the orbit (the orifice where the eye is positioned) and along your skin. While a human skull is the traditional way to go, we like the idea of using an animal skull as an alternative:


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Issue a warning to would-be suitors that you’re not to be toyed with, by getting the mythical gorgon who boasts a head of snakes instead of hair on her head. One wrong look, and your victims will be turned to stone. Alternatively, respectful admirers will find this snake tattoo design quote appealing:


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Au Naturale

Why mess with perfection? Snakes are inherently engaging as they slither and wind about the ground, or in this case your skin. On it’s own, it works well on the back of your calve, or in this case an the forearm:


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Go Big, or Go Home

Are you a garter snake or an anaconda? If you identify with the latter, then go big with our snake tattoo design. Have it cover the entirety of your back, or from lower leg to upper thigh like with this satisfied client below:


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Snake in the Grass?

Ignore the negative connotations of the “snake in the grass” expression and showcase your tattooed snake in its natural environment. An alternative to grass, is to have your snake wind about a tree branch or a horned bushels of flowers like this:


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Different, Yet the Same

Pair your snake with other wonders from nature, that may seem different, yet are similar when you consider symbolism. A butterfly is a perfect pairing. Like with a snake, they shed their initial layer (skin vs cocoon) to be reborn as something beautiful and mysterious.


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