You have a tattoo that you’re not happy with. Whether it was poorly done, or the design (from years ago) is no longer suited to your personality, you are ready to take action. You’re online in-search of a tattoo artist for cover up. However, you’re unsure about who to turn to. You don’t want to make the same mistake that has already left you with unwanted body art. To put your mind at ease that you’ve come to the right place (right here) we encourage you to read below before booking your appointment.

Why Choose Sleight-of-Hand Tattoo When Seeking an Artist for Your Cover-Up

Skilled in the Best Tattoo Styles for Cover Up

While a skilled artist can work with many colors, the ink that works best for a tattoo cover up is often black. However, not all tattooists have a knack for blackwork. Currently, our downtown Vancouver studio has three tattooists on-staff who specialize in blackwork, including Daniel, German, and Eduardo.All three are also talented in working with deep color tones which are also conducive to successful cover up work.

Skilled in Large Cover Up Requirements

In some cases, an unwanted tattoo requires a large design for cover up. This is particularly common for back tattoo replacements. Our downtown Vancouver studio is where to go for a full back tattoo because we have the artists who specialize in large bodies (so to speak) of work. Furthermore, our studio offers the most comforting and welcoming environment of all tattoo shops in the city. This is very important because when doing a cover up for a large tattoo, you’ll be spending many hours within and may have to return for multiple sessions. Simply put, large cover-ups require an artist and studio that you will enjoy spending a lot of time with and within. SOH offers exactly that.

Non-Judgmental Environment

Believe it or not, a lot of people are uncomfortable in requesting a cover up. Reasons for this vary. Some are afraid to come off as if they are being picky about their original design. Others may be embraced about the old tattoo, because it may be construed as offensive or inappropriate. Others are concerned about making a general request for cover-up because they’ve heard that some artists won’t work over another’s work. You don’t have to worry about any of the above at SOH.


Our artists place the customer/client first. We don’t judge, and we applaud you for taking the initiative to correct something that you no longer want to be a part of your aesthetic. When you get tattooed at SOH, you become a part of the family. And like a family (or as a family should be) we accept you entirely, no matter the mistakes made in the past. Learn more about what it’s like in our welcoming studio.

Laser Removal for Cover Up

We conclude this piece about finding the right tattoo artist for cover up by announcing an exciting addition to our services. We now offer laser tattoo removal services. While you aren’t searching for tattoo removal, you may be surprised to know that laser can be applied to lighten/fade an unwanted tattoo. This makes it easier to perform a cover-up. As a result, you don’t need to “black it out” or necessarily use deep and dark tones. This gives you more freedom to get a replacement design that you actually want. Contact us (see details below) to discuss the laser fading for cover up option.


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