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Starbucks red cups are in the mittens of nearly everyone you pass by and the Hallmark Channel has launched its onslaught of Holiday winter romance. It must be Christmas. These little reminders (and more) have you scrambling to come up with an amazing gift idea for that special friend, family member, or companion. But what do you get for someone who already has it all? This age old Holiday quandary actually has an answer – a tattoo. Here’s why it’s a great idea.

Why a Tattoo Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Special Someone in Your Life

It Shows Them You Know Them

It’s nearly impossible to find a present for someone to show them how well you know them in a mall or department store. Jewelry as a Christmas gift is passée (except perhaps for body jewelry). A tattoo on the other hand is about as intimate and bold as one can get. And if you really do know them, then you can take this concept a step further by having the tattoo designed beforehand. You know what they love, what they’re into, what they’re passionate about, so why not be the one to come up with the theme? This will prove to them how connected the two of you are. Once you’ve booked their appointment, their tattooist-to-be will be happy to work up something from a design or concept that you’ve brought to them. Alternatively, if you have the artistic skill, you can be the one to create the design in its entirely. The latter option will certainly hold a lot more meaning.

Because They’ll Never Do It On Their Own

You know they want a tattoo, but they have also been talking about it yet haven’t actually got it done this whole time. Year after year they put it off, and will continue to do so until their skin sags too low to do anything about it. Don’t let that happen. By gifting them with a pre-paid tattoo they will finally get the nudge to step into the tattooist’s chair and get the tattoo they’ve always dreamed of – all thanks to you!

It’s the Ultimate Gift That Keeps on Giving

The expression of “a gift that keeps on giving” is often overused and exaggerated. Jelly of the Month clubs and other seemingly thoughtful subscriptions eventually expire. If you really want to give your special someone something that will last a lifetime, then only a tattoo makes sense. They will look upon it admiringly for the rest of their life, and think fondly of its benefactor – you – when they do.

They Will Never See it Coming

Does your friend, family member, or companion have a knack for figuring out what you got them for Christmas each year? Do they snoop through closets, cupboards, and under the bed when you’re not looking? Whatever the case may be, you have finally got their number. They will never see this amazing gift coming!

You’re sold on the concept, but now want to know how to give a tattoo as a  gift for Christmas. It can be tricky to align your recipient’s schedule with a tattooist’s when you can’t exactly ask them when they’ll be free to a stretch of 3-8 hours. Instead, contact Sleight of Hand Tattoo in downtown Vancouver to inquire about a tattoo gift certificate and to discuss other options for surprising your special someone with a pre-paid tattoo.

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Marcus Yah

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