This article goes out to all of the entrepreneurs out there. Excuse the cliche, but you’re the backbone of the economy, even more so in 2022 and beyond. The last couple of years have certainly shown us that it’s better to take control of your life and livelihood instead of letting someone else manage the strings. As a self-starter, you’re considering a tattoo to serve as a constant reminder that you’re committed to your business. That said, you could use a little help in coming up with the general theme. That’s what we’re here for. Let’s review!

3 Tattoo Concepts and Themes That Will Motivate Further Entrepreneurial Success

Your Logo

Whether you’re a professional services consultant, contractor, or owner of a small cafe, you have a logo that represents your business to customers, clients, and the media. Assuming that you’ve put careful thought into the design of the symbol and you’re very happy with it (otherwise you would not use it as your logo) the design makes perfect sense as a tattoo. It will help promote your offering to the world and will prove to yourself that you’re committed to your brand.

A Visual Representation of Your Offering

A logo may represent your brand, but it doesn’t necessarily communicate the thing that you do. Instead, there are specific visuals that represent your business. For example, if you’re an independent real estate professional, you could tattoo a cool key design – conveying that you deliver people with the key to their dream home. If you’re a contractor, tattoo a hammer and nails. If you own a cafe, tattoo a cup of steaming coffee. If you’re a freelance developer, tattoo a line of meaningful code. You get the idea.

Motivational Words to Drive Success

As an entrepreneur, there’s a good chance there have been some words of wisdom that have helped motivate you along the way. The words may have even helped form your company slogan or tagline. Whatever the case may be, the motivational quote or text is a great tattoo idea. When you look down upon your forearm (or wherever else you get the words tattooed) you will get a shot in the arm you need on a challenging day, prior to a big meeting, or new product/service launch.

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