Has some recent event created newfound independence in your life? If so, you may want to celebrate the moment with a new tattoo. Stuck for ideas? That’s what we’re here for. Let’s have a look at a few concepts that honor your autonomy, be it with respect to your career and/or familial/social circle.

Four Inspiring Tattoo Concepts That Symbolize Your Independence

The Date That it Happened

The fact that you’re searching for tattoo ideas for independence infers that some recent occurrence has elevated you from a state of dependency into personal freedom. Perhaps you quit your thankless job to start a new business. Or maybe you landed a new job that allows you to move out of your parents’ home. Or you may have ended a toxic relationship and are ready to “do you” from here on in. Whatever the case may be, there is a certain date where a decision or action that resulted in independence was made. Mark it and memorialize it via a tattoo. The date conveyed in Roman numerals creates a cool and powerful aesthetic, but you can also use fine-line script or any other numeric-font style you find appealing.

Turn to the Animal Kingdom

There are a number of animals that incite feelings of freedom and independence. While they travel in flocks, birds are an ideal representation. It’s the whole spread your wings and flee the nest kind of a thing. Borrow the concept from our neighbors to the south who have long used the eagle as a reference to independence. A “lone wolf” is also a solid concept that works well for a tattoo, as is a horse which uses its powerful legs to run the open plains without reins to constrain him or her. Or there’s the most practical option – a cat – which can be frustratingly independent pets that couldn’t care less if we come home to cuddle or not.

Get Your Om On

Independence meanings freeing your mind, body, and soul from outside distractions (people, places, things) that may weigh you down. The sacred om symbol represents harmonizing union within yourself. So in itself, it works magic as a tattoo. But when paired with the lotus flower it collectively stands for a truly divine state of self-realization that every human being aspires for, be it consciously or unconsciously. Have a look at some om with lotus tattoo concepts to see if any connect to you.

A Single Palm on a Small Island

Do ever watch Tom Hanks’ Castaway and think “Hmm, that would be nice”? While an extreme example, fiercely independent people find isolation appealing. Being stuck on a tropical island to oneself sounds like a perfect getaway. In getting a tattoo of a single palm (you) on a small island (your world) you convey your desire and admirable ability to stand alone (and proud) amidst the sea of insanity around you. You can go with the cartoonish emoji that is akin to the one on your smartphone apps, or go with a more realistic take. Whatever you prefer.


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