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Painting is your art, your form of expression, your passion. And hopefully (for the sake of your happiness) it’s your profession too. Because it’s your calling, you want your new (next) tattoo to honor it in some manner. However, while inspiration may easily strike for you when staring at a blank canvas made of tightly woven cotton/linen with polyvinyl chloride, you’re a little lost when it comes to your own epidermis. That’s what we’re here for. Having created body art for creative people such as yourself, we have insight into inspiring concepts that may deliver exactly what you’re searching for.

5 Tattoo Concepts and Design Ideas That Make Perfect Sense for Passionate Painters

Vintage Painter’s Tools

Creative types have an appreciation for the antiquarian tools that were used to create works of art eras before. Writers have a penchant for antique fountain pens, photographers hunt for decades old (or older) cameras, and painters have a deep seeded admiration for vintage paint brushes, easels, and palettes. The latter (palette) is our favorite among these options, but if the vintage brush idea is appealing to you, have a look at the German Brush Museum (also the only vocational school for brush makers in the world) for inspiration. Vintage painter’s tools translate beautifully into realism tattoos.

Your Current Painter’s Tools

Vintage painter’s gear is undoubtedly cool. However,  if you have your own brush, easel, or palette (etc.) that is as much of an extension of your body as the hands and fingers used to transfer ideas to canvas, then that’s what you should get as a realism tattoo. And as the years pass, it too will become a vintage vessel for the arts – making it a forward thinking tattoo concept with staying power.

Your Best Work, Framed

Is there a particular painting that you’ve done and are especially proud of? Memorialize it via a tattoo. Include a frame around the design so that everyone know that it’s a tattoo of your painted interpretation of a scene, and not the scene itself. The great thing about being a painter/artist for this concept, is that you can take it directly to a tattooist who can scan the print, and transfer it to transfer paper. This will save significant time and cost compared to when the tattooist has to create the design from scratch.

An Empty Frame

A empty ornate frame is also an imaginative tattoo idea for painters. The emptiness symbolizes the magnum opus that you have yet to paint. This gives you something to aspire to throughout your lifetime.

Your Monogram

A monogram is a symbol a painter adopts as their signature. You may be in the habit of placing it at the bottom margin of the painting or on the back of the canvas. Your monogram is essentially your calling card, so to speak. Wear it with pride as a tattoo. Admirers of your work will connect it to the mark that accompanies a painting that hangs on a gallery wall or in their digital feed. On the latter note, if you’ve built up a following for your art on social media, you may instead consider a tattoo of your social media handle.

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