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Many people consider their profession to be the most significant component of who they are. This is especially true of those with creative passions that they’ve turned into admirable lifelong careers. An example is a photographer. If you’re one, your visual art is your heart, and you want to wear it on your sleeve – or in this case on your skin. However, you’re a little stuck for design ideas. Having created works of body art for a variety of creative souls such as yourself, we have insight into cool concepts that may provide exactly what you’re searching for.

5 Tattoo Concepts and Design Ideas That Make Perfect Sense for Passionate Photographers

A Vintage Camera

Creative types have an appreciation for the tools that were used to create wonder eras before. Writers have a penchant for antique fountain pens, painters hunt for centuries old palettes, and photographers have a deep seeded admiration for vintage cameras. Find one that connects do you, be it a Gandolfi large format, Bolsey c22, or Yashica Electro 35 with wood paneling. Vintage cameras translate exquisitely as realism tattoos.

Your Camera

Antiquarian cameras are cool. However,  if you have a modern film or DSLR (etc.) camera that is as much of an extension of your body as your eyes and fingers to capture and snap subjects, then that’s what you should get as a realism tattoo. And as the years pass, it too will become a vintage model – making it a forward thinking tattoo concept with lasting power.

Your Best Work, Framed

Is there a particular photo that you’ve taken and are especially proud of? Memorialize it via a tattoo. Include a frame around the design to let “viewers” know that it’s a tattoo of your photographic take on a real scene, and not the scene itself.

An Empty Frame

A empty ornate frame is also an imaginative tattoo concept. The emptiness symbolizes the magnum opus that you have yet to create, and may continue to chase throughout your lifetime.

Your Calling Card

The sign-off/signature on your photographs is your calling card and brand logo, so to speak. Wear it with pride as a tattoo. Admirers of your work will connect it to the watermark that accompanies a photo that hangs on a gallery wall or in their digital feed. On the latter note, if you’ve built up a following for your work on social media, you may instead consider a tattoo of your social media handle (@example).

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