There are currently over 55,000 Influencers in Canada, with a large number of them right here in Vancouver BC. Whether you’re a micro-influencer with 10,000–50,000 followers, a mega-influencers with a loyal legion of 1,000,000+ followers, or somewhere in between, you’ve achieved a status that sets you apart from the traditional social media users out there. You’ve got visibility, and as such you take great care when it comes to altering anything about your appearance. This may include fitness and clothing along with hair and makeup, but in this particular case you’re wondering about body ink. As a result, you’re online (as always) and searching for inspiration for tattoo ideas for social media influencers. We’ve got you covered. Let’s review.

Top 3 Tattoo Concepts for Social Media Influencers to Consider

Social Media Icons for the Apps You’re an Influencer On

This is an obvious one, but it just makes sense. The social network platform/s that garnered you financial success as an influencer all have instantly recognizable app logo/icons that people from all over the world have already used as tattoos. That said, make your’s is a little different from the one/s displaying on your smartphone screen, incorporating your own color and perhaps even altering the design somewhat to make it more appealing to you. For example, you could give the Instagram app icon a vintage look or throwback to their original icon from years ago, if that’s your cup of tea.

Your @ Profile Name

If you have a consistent profile name (@ExampleName) across all platforms this will be an epic tattoo idea. It’s more personal than a social media app icon/logo, and signifies that it was you, your content creation, and your charisma that catapulted you to semi-fame in a certain social circle – not the networks (which are mere vessels for your creativity). Even if the social networks come tumbling down over the years, your @ moniker will always persist. It’s your brand – own it with a tattoo!

The Passion That Made You an Influencer in the First Place

This is our favorite one because it’s about your passion, which will last even if/when your status or interest as an influencer wanes in the future. You became an influencer because you have a passion for something such as art, music, photography, fashion, sport, or everything beyond and between. In posting original content related to your passion you developed tens of thousands (or much more) of followers. What better tattoo idea could there be than this? If you’re an influential fashionista, you could tattoo a quote from a famous designer you admire. If you’re an influential athlete, tattoo the symbol that represents your sport. You get the idea.


As an influencer, you need to make sure that your new tattoo is the best it can be. Your followers will certainly call you out on it, if it’s not! You must carefully choose a studio and artist that will afford clients the dedicated attention and care they (and you) deserve. If you’re located in the BC Lower Mainland, schedule a consultation at Sleight of Hand in downtown Vancouver today.


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