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Writing is your form of expression, your art, and your passion. And hopefully, for the sake of your happiness, it’s your profession. Given that it’s your calling, you want your next tattoo to honor it in some shape or form. However, while inspiration may easily strike for you when staring at a blank page, you’re somewhat lost when it comes to your own skin. That’s what Sleight of Hand Studios is here for. Having created body art for creative people such as yourself, we have insight into inspiring concepts that may deliver exactly what you’re searching for.

3 Tattoo Concepts and Design Ideas That Inspire Passionate Writers

Vintage Writer’s Tools

Creative and/or insightful people have an appreciation for the antiquarian tools that were used to produce works of art eras before. Painters have a penchant for antique palettes, photographers are drawn to vintage cameras, and writers have a deep admiration for old typewriters, antique fountain pens, and dusted leather-bound journals. If you get the warm and fuzzies from the sound of metal keys click-clacking letters to paper, or from the feel of a fountain pen spreading black dye across parchment, then this concept is for you. Vintage writer’s tools translate beautifully into realism tattoos.

Your Favorite Excerpt or Quote (from others)

You became a writer because from the moment you could read, the words of authors and wordsmiths before inspired you deeply. Writing has been your calling ever since. If there were/are a certain string of words that you can credit most for this inspiration, you have the tattoo idea you are searching for. If a large passage, consider a sizable tattoo on your back or thigh to fit in a page worth of text. Otherwise, you can tattoo a memorable quote anywhere that makes the most sense to you. Or, here are some tips regarding placement of text as a tattoo.

Your Favorite Excerpt or Quote (from your own work)

As the years have passed, you have put many written ideas and theories to paper and digital screen. While novelists, essayists, or journalists from decades and centuries before have ushered you into this life, you must admit that you’ve woven your own tapestries of words that make you proud. Be proud, and commit a favorite excerpt or quote from your own work to permanency via a tattoo.

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