The Holiday season is in full swing. While our downtown Vancouver shop is bustling with clients of the past, present, and future (intentional Christmas Carol reference) who are treating themselves or others to the gift of a tattoo, we still have time for a seasonal news update. What’s happening around the world of tattoos that may impact your own plans for a new work of body art? Read below to find out!

Recent News Stories that May Impact Plans for Your Next Tattoo this Holiday Season of 2023

Celebrating the Holidays with Christmas Tattoos

Do you love the Holidays? We mean really love the Holidays? If so, wild, wacky, and tacky Christmas sweaters simply won’t cut it. Instead, we recommend showing your allegiance to the most wonderful time of the year with an aptly themed tattoo. Loyal fans of the season on the east coast of Canada are doing so, as SaltWire (Nova Scotia’s news resource) just reported on a trend of getting tattooed with nostalgic Christmas designs, such as these awesome pieces by @beckz_m and @aliciaetattoo:

Tattoo News Christmas

images: courtesy of SaltWire

Have a look at some Christmas tattoo ideas that are cool and classy.

Showing Kids that the Magic of Christmas is REAL (w/a tattoo)

Children these days are bombarded with too much information, and most of it is negative. At this time the year parents need to be on the lookout for reports that attempt to spoil the magic of Christmas by telling kids that it’s all an illusion (it’s not). The New York Post among other news outlets reported that one parent has had enough, and has committed to letting his kids know that the magic is REAL. He (a tattoo artist) game himself an Elf on the Shelf tattoo to fully convince his children of their elf’s mischief.


For parents, this is one tattoo concept that will never be regretted. The lengths that you went to, to protect the magic and spirit of the Holiday season will stay with your kid/s for a lifetime. It will be the topic of discussion at every Holiday gathering as the years and eventual decades pass. Whether it’s a tattoo of the Elf on the Shelf, Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or other person, place, or thing that makes Christmas real for your family –  you simply can’t go wrong with this concept.


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