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Every once in awhile we take a short break from delivering tattoo design ideas and tips to catch up with what’s happening in current events as it pertains to this culture of ours. Within these stories our current and prospective clients may find inspiration for their own upcoming works of body art. So what’s shaking this autumn season of 2023? Read below to find out!

Mainstream and Pop-Culture News that May Impact Plans for Your Next Tattoo this Autumn of 2023

Big Words in Small Script

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who you may know from Party of Five or I Know What You Did Last Summer or 9-1-1 depending on your age, made headlines at Allure Magazine this week after sharing her new tattoo on Instagram. Her tattoo was done in a micro fine line style with script that reads “the universe always provides”. It’s an elegant tattoo that appeals to those searching for a design that holds very significant meaning to them, without having to get a large work of body art to get the point across. If JLH’s new tattoo has inspired you to get something similar, be sure to check out these tips for where to tattoo a quote along with uplifting concepts to improve your mental health.


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Vanna White to Get Tattooed

For over 40 years Vanna White has been turning letters (and more than a few heads) on the Wheel of Fortune. After being on the show for nearly two-thirds of her life, the 66 year old has yet to get a tattoo, until now. FOX News (curator or hard hitting news, apparently) has reported that White is finally ready to get a tattoo because her daughter is now a professional tattoo artist. What does she intend on getting done? The game show icon states that she wants to get matching tattoos with her daughter. Here she is with her talented offspring (someone needs to teach Vanna how to upload quality images to IG):


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If you’re like Vanna and want to get matching tattoos with those who share DNA with, check out our guide for where to get a family tattoo.

Friday the 13th Tattoo Tradition Growing Bigger and Bigger

While it may not be as big of a deal in Canada as it is in the USA, it is indeed becoming a tradition for people to get tattooed on Friday the 13th. To celebrate, tattoo shops offers discounts and deals, and seek to break world records for the number of tattoos completed on a given day. Did you miss the boat on this past Friday the 13th (October)? You’ve got time to plan ahead for the next one, which lands in September of 2024. Schedule your consultation at Sleight of Hand Tattoo in downtown Vancouver BC accordingly (or sooner, if you prefer).


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