The new year is upon us, and as a part of your resolve to take life by the horns you plan to get a new tattoo in the 365 days to come. The sooner the better, in fact. But as someone who pays attention to forward momentum in fashion and pop culture, you’re wondering if there are any tattoo trends for 2023 that you should be aware of before deciding upon your design. There always are in our ever-evolving world. Let’s have a look at three that you may draw inspiration from.

3 Trending Tattoo Concepts That May Inspire Your Next Tattoo in 2023

Tattoo Trend #1: Draw a Fine Line 

The socio-political trends of “in your face” designs in fashion from 2022 were in response to the need to break-free from the government handcuffing of 2020-21. We are now returning to a time of grace and subtly for 2023, without abandoning our belief systems. This is translating to tattoo design via fine line work, which actually started gaining ground in the latter half of 2022. Fine line tattoos are thin and the designs are often delicate and intricate in nature. They are typically black and grey, although color can also be used. Now that you know this is a tattoo trend for 2023, we encourage you to read the article titled Should I Get a Fine Line tattoo. It’s important to not get a tattoo solely because it’s trending.

Tattoo Trend #2: Put Your Personal Brand in Ink

The professional world has changed drastically from just over a decade ago. If one so desires, one no longer needs to live under the thumb of a large cooperation and its C-level executives. Nor do we need to depend upon a loan from the banks to start our own business. The proliferation of content creator platforms on social media has allowed us to become our own brands. In doing so, we can grow our loyal audience and leverage our following to earn income via sponsorships and affiliate referrals. This digital marketing practice has sparked an increased call for influencers (micro to mega) to further embrace their social identity and commit to it as a corporation would – via better brand packaging, so to speak. A trend is emerging for 2023 that calls upon influencers (established or rising) to get their personal brand tattooed on their skin. How? View our guide to tattoo ideas for influencers.

Tattoo Trend #3: Embrace Your Passion

This expands upon your personal branding concept (above) and dives deeper into what makes you tick. It’s not about what makes you money, per se, but what makes you happy. This is one trend we can really get behind.

But how does it translate to a tattoo concept? It comes down to merging your tattoo with your passion. It’s quite simple, really. Whatever your passion is, it can be represented via an artistic rendition that can be copied over as a tattoo. For inspiration, we encourage you to have a look at examples below. Even if these “passions” aren’t yours, you can draw inspiration from them to uncover a tattoo design that mirrors the thing you’re most excited about in life.

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