We typically encourage people to steer clear of following trends when it comes to choosing their next tattoo. After all, trends are fleeting by nature. But there are some with deeper seeded meaning that inspire concepts that you likely won’t regret. The latter is what we’re focusing on today as we enter the spring season of 2022.

Three Meaningful Trends in Tattoo Design that You Actually Care About

I. All-Natural

Tattoo Trends Spring 2022

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While they may be best known for finance and not fashion, FORBES got it right when they recently reported on one especially “sustainable” trend in fashion – tattoos featuring Mother Nature’s creations in their natural form. There has certainly been an uptick in requests for tattoos of realistic leaves, plants, and other types of flora. They look great in both black and grey, and in color. This design is perfect for those who embrace and are dedicated to protecting the environment, which makes it a tattoo that you’ll never regret.

Tattoo Trends Spring 2022

freshly grown at SOH by Claudia

II. Embracing Culture

Tattoo Trends 2022

Embracing one’s culture through tattoos and not caring what others think is another trend that we want to stick around for the rest of time. While it has been an emerging movement over the last couple of years, a recent story has lit a fire under the trend. New Zealand journalist Oriini Kaipara became the first person with a face tattoo to anchor national primetime news. The story made international headlines, and anchor Oriini Kaipara has become a captivating figure to follow. Do so on Instagram for inspiration for our own culturally significant tattoo to come. Once again we identify a trend for a tattoo design that you will certainly not regret.

III. Minimalism

Tattoo Trends 2022

designed at SOH by Claudia

The concept of minimalism has touched on interior design, fashion, and life in general as today’s generation balks at excess and instead focuses on enriching experiences over possessions. It seems that the notion has also spilled into tattoo design requests of late. The concept also works well for those who prefer a subtle classy tattoo and is conducive to the naturalistic trend that we listed above. Quotes and other textual designs also adhere to minimalist aesthetics. If this trend is right up your alley, be sure to choose a tattooist who specializes in fine lines, such as this Sleight of Hand resident artist.

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