Tattoos are more than body art. For many of us they hold deeper meaning than aesthetics, inciting favorable emotions when we need them most. A glance at a design that we have thoughtfully chosen to wear on our skin can yank us out of a slump when we’re feeling down, and remind us to stay on a path that leads to our own personal happiness. For this reason tattoos can be looked upon as a facilitator of mental health and wellness. As someone who is conscious of this fact, you want to get a new tattoo to help you through trying times. However, you’re a little stuck for ideas. While we can’t speak to what specifically helps you feel better during times of anxiety and stress, there are some general concepts that a tattooist can employ to great success. Let’s review.

5 Uplifting Tattoo Concepts That May Help Get You Through Periods of Negative Emotion

An Inspiring Quote

The written word is most certainly a great concept. There is a quote out there that connects with you on a deep emotional level. It will remind you that life is a beautiful experience, and that the downs will be followed by ups if you keep the door open to allow the latter through. Whether your meaningful quote comes from Socrates, the Dalai Lama, Emerson, or a recent TED talk invitee, the script will help you stay inspired no matter what gets in your emotional way on any given day. View our tips on where to tattoo a quote.


It’s scientifically proven that flowers make you feel better. It’s not just about smell (there is no scented tattoo ink…yet) but about the organic shapes and colors. Given that flowers are already extremely popular for body art, it’s a perfect match for the tattoos for mental health concept. View more on where to get a flower tattoo.

The Kids in Your Life

If you have kids, there is no better way to remind yourself that you have something to be extremely grateful for. Your munchkins (no matter how old they are now) love you unconditionally (even the teenagers, who may not admit it) and depend on you for support in their own lives. A tattoo that represents them will keep this at the forefront of your emotional state. Here are some great tattoo ideas for parents that you can apply to your design.

Of course, you may not be a parent (or aunt/uncle for that matter). However, you may be the proud guardian of a companion of the furry variety. Your precious pup (or cat) loves you more than ANYTHING and a tattoo of them will instantly remind you of the comforting fact. For them, a tattoo of their paw prints or a full-on portrait of their cuddly faces will make you smile no matter what.

Your Passion in Life

Your passion is what makes you happy. Whether it’s founded in the arts, athletics, a hobby, or some other activity, it can translate to a tattoo design that you will never regret. It will serve as a visual reminder and motivator to always follow your dream which will ultimately serve your mental health and wellness.

Something That Signifies Your Favorite Time of the Year

There are times of the year that make you especially happy. For many it’s the spring and summer for obvious reasons, but for others it’s the autumn when the air is crisp and smells like pumpkin spiced lattes. And for others it’s the winter and the Holiday season within it. If you find that your mood is especially elevated during certain seasons and you eagerly await it’s arrival with the passing of every annum, the you’ve got a mood-boosting tattoo for your mental health. Here are some related articles that can help you choose your tattoo accordingly:

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*Disclaimer: If you are struggling with a mental health concern, a tattoo is not the cure. Please seek the help of a professional counsellor for dedicated treatment and therapy.

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