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Do you “heart” Vancouver BC? We certainly do, which is why we and our tattooists have made its downtown core home and where we have build a family that includes our local (and visiting) clients. In fact, the city holds so much meaning to you that you have decided to get a tattoo that represents the ever-growing and bustling metropolis. Below are both direct and subtle Vancouver tattoo ideas that may inspire your own.

5 Tattoo Design Ideas for Those Who Want to Pledge Their LOVE Vancouver BC

The Cityscape

What better way to convey your love for the city of Vancouver than to get a tattoo if its cityscape of skyscrapers and landmarks that make it instantly identifiable to those who know it well. The featured image above shows an idyllic option that was recently completed at SOH Tattoo on Granville Street.

The Landscape

A big part (if not the biggest) of what you love about Vancouver is the sea-to-sky landscape that represents all of the outdoor adventure that it has afforded you, friends, family, and other loved ones through the years. Swap skyscrapers (as per above) for an artistic representation of Vancouver’s natural surroundings. Have a look at some fine-line mountain tattoo concepts for inspiration.

The 604

Forget all of the 778 and especially those misfit 236 area codes. Vancouver has always been and will always be known as “The 604”. Choose a script lettering and character specialist to design something special that will forever dial-up visions of the city in your mind.

Go Postal

An alternative to The 604 area code concept, is to instead choose a Vancouver postal code (V6Z 1L5 for example) that holds special meaning to you. It could be the one appended to your childhood home, school, or the address of a local business that you launched. A postal code design delivers perfectly on the Vancouver tattoo idea concept.

Favorite Vancouver Sports Team

No matter how much heartbreak they may have been responsible for in your life, either the Vancouver Canucks, the BC Lions, the Vancouver Whitecaps, or even the Vancouver Canadiens have held your undying love ever since you’ve pledged to be a lifelong fan. Use the team logo to represent your adoration for the city and all that it entails – tumultuous win-loss records included!

Ready to turn one of the Vancouver tattoo ideas above into a reality? Where better to get it done than at downtown Vancouver BC’s most beloved boutique tattoo studio? Email or call us to schedule a consultation at SOH Tattoo at your earliest convenience.

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