The “warrior” concept for a tattoo has been around since the beginning of tattoos, and war. In fact, actual warriors had them marked on to their bodies as badges of honor, demoting success in battle. Some were added specifically to keep score of all the kills they had made. The more they had the more they were to be feared.

We now live in a more civilized time (to some extent) but the warrior tattoo concept remains enduringly popular. It is symbolic of mental and physical fortitude against all that life can throw one’s way. Moreover, a warrior can be conveyed via traditional armor and garb, through a representative animal, a weapon, or character from novella or from within the annals of cinematic lore. Whatever the case may be you desire a warrior tattoo in the Greater Vancouver BC area and find yourself here at Sleight of Hand Tattoo in downtown Vancouver. You’ve come to the right place. You can book your consultation right here, or read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Sleight of Hand for Your Warrior Themed Tattoo in Greater Vancouver BC

Specializing in Tattoo Styles That Work Well with the Warrior Concept

As with any tattoo, appropriate style for a concept is subjective and based a person’s personality and taste. That being said, there are certain styles that lend themselves extremely well to the warrior tattoo theme. For example, our Illustrative tattoo artist Myles put together this awesome Diablo Tyrael piece while our Blackwork specialist crated this incredible Avatar Kyoshi work of body art. Other styles that merge with the concept include American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Japanese, and Realism. Our downtown Vancouver shops employs specialists in all of these genres (and more) so that your warrior tattoo is in good hands, no matter the style you prefer.

Warrior Tattoo Concepts That May Inspire Your Own

Have a look at samples of work completed within our Vancouver BC tattoo shop on Granville Street (get directions) as reference. One of the half-dozen images below may inspire what you want for your upcoming piece:

Warrior Tattoo in Vancouver BC

Are you ready to march forward with this tattoo concept? In addition to having specialized staff to deliver on the theme, you’ll gain further confidence in the fact that we offer a FREE initial consultation. Reach out via your preferred form of contact below to book your appointment. We’re honored that you’ve chosen SOH!


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