Wedding Anniversary Tattoo Ideas

We’ve been there for couples from the days proceeding their wedding through to the honeymoon phase with respect to tattoo ideas. Now we devote our attention to the celebrations to come with each passing annum – the anniversaries. If you’ve got an anniversary on the horizon and you want to honor it with a couples’ tattoo we’ve got three surefire concepts that are fun and may inspire you (together) for many more to come.

Top 3 Matching Wedding Anniversary Tattoo Concepts That You Won’t Regret


1. Save the Date

Your wedding date makes for a great and classy looking tattoo. It’s especially meaningful if you get it done in the same font that you used for your wedding invitations. You spent hours (maybe weeks?) deciding on the script prior to your wedding day a year (or more) ago, so the groundwork has already been done.

If you really want something impactful that will get you even more excited about future anniversaries, add each date for every year to follow. For this concept, you’ll need to begin with a large canvas, such as your back or on the outer-thigh. Begin at the top (upper-back or upper-thigh) and add the date of each anniversary in chronological succession. Using today’s date as a jump-off example, it would look something like this (imagine it in an aesthetically pleasing font):

  • 11/7/2022
  • 11/7/2023
  • 11/7/2024
  • etc.

In doing the chronological concept, getting tattooed can become an anniversary day ritual for you and your beloved. Don’t worry if you eventually run out of space as the decades pass – that’s a good thing!

2. Tally Marks

Tally marks are those chalk-mark slashes of four with a fifth crossed through (view Wiki). They are typically portrayed in movies as a means for a prisoner or shipwrecked survivor to mark the number of days that they have been captive somewhere. They are usually crudely scribbled on a wall or cave. Therein lies the humor for a fun-loving married couple in search for a cool anniversary tattoo idea.

For your first wedding anniversary there will just be one slashing mark, followed by another for your second anniversary, and so forth. It won’t make sense to other people (without explanation) for the first four years, but once that fifth slash crosses over it will begin to be evident. This a really fun way to honor lifelong commitment with your ol’ ball and chain. View examples of tally mark tattoos here.

3. Got Kids Yet?

If you’ve already had a bun (or two, three, etc.) pop out of the oven then you’ve got a great anniversary tattoo idea that neither one of you will ever regret. Ideas include your child’s name, their baby footprint, and one of their own precious scribblings/drawings. View more on these tattoo concepts for parents which also work for an anniversary tattoo.


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