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You’ve been flirting with the idea of getting a tattoo. The only thing keeping you from coming into the studio thus far is indecision on design. You’re not alone, as the question “What tattoo should I get?” is one we hear often. It’s hard to answer without knowing you personally, but we like to revisit this common query with the passing of each season. Periods of transition often provide inspiration. With the summer coming to a close, we want to draw your attention to some ideas that may stimulate a concept that is perfect for you. Let’s review.

Tattoo Concepts to Consider as the Summer Season Comes to an End

One that Celebrates an Endless Summer

Are you positively bummed that the summer is winding down? Is a mild case of seasonal affective disorder about to rear its head? Then you’re a summer person, and as such you should honor your affinity for all things estival. There are the obvious but no less meaningful design concepts, including a personalized variation on the iconic Endless Summer movie image or simply the two words done in your favorite font. Alternatively you may consider a design of something represents the season to you, be it a beach, beachball, boat, or Bellini.

One that Celebrates the End of Summer

While you may assume that summer is everyone’s favorite season, a Gallup Poll that has been running since the 1940’s consistently finds that autumn is favored by around 27% of the population. Survey responses indicate being able to layer up in the latest fashions as a primary cause, but we suspect that pumpkin spiced lattes have something to do with it. Whatever the case may be, if you embrace the autumn like others feel about summer, then once again we encourage you to pay homage to the season of falling foliage via a tattoo. Autumn aficionado tattoo ideas include illustrative expert renditions of fallen leaves (the most common) but why not get that pumpkin spiced latte tattooed? It really makes a statement!

One that Marks a New Journey

The end of summer is also known as “Back to School” season, and for some of you (post secondary students) the seasonal transition means exactly that. There are many tattoo themes to tie into your college/university experience. Especially proud alumni (or alumni-to-be) can have a tattooist with expertise in architectural concepts place an inked rendition of the institution on a their chest, back, or shoulder. Another great idea is a symbol of your major, as it will carry through into your chosen career and remain relevant. For example, a med student/graduate can get a tattoo of the caduceus symbol which has been adopted by the field of medicine. As another example, a student athlete can get a tattoo that represents their sport of choice. The possibilities within this general concept are endless.


What tattoo should you get? If you’re still unsure, fret not, as our tattoo artists can help you come up with something that suits your unique personality. Unlike with some other studios in the downtown Vancouver area, our artists are patient, and listen to clients to ensure that they (you) leave with the tattoo they (you) truly desire. Schedule a consultation today to discover the difference Sleight of Hand can make.

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